WKTC Court TV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WKTC Court TV in the Columbia Area

This is the WKTC Court TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Columbia Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

5:00 PMCorrupt Crimes    new  
A religious cult leader leads hundreds of followers in a mass suicide in South America following the assassination of a U.S. congressmen.
5:30 PMCorrupt Crimes    new  
Police search for a man who uses his good looks and charm to seduce women before killing them. Also: the family of a military doctor is murdered, but his story doesn't add up.
6:00 PMIt Takes a Killer    new  
The case of a seductress who weaves a web of temptation, lies and murder.
6:30 PMIt Takes a Killer    new  
The case of a scorned mistress unfolds as she exacts the ultimate revenge by plotting a hired hit on her lover's wife.
7:00 PMIt Takes a Killer    new  
The murder of a beautiful woman, found inside a burned luxury car in the desert, is investigated.
7:30 PMIt Takes a Killer    new  
Severed body parts begin randomly turning up, shaking London to its core.
8:00 PMForensic Files    new  
Police suspect a man of murdering his parents, but the lack of bodies stymies the case.
8:30 PMForensic Files    new  
An unidentified body is found on a rural California road and investigators find clues in a tire tread and a broken piece of jewelry.
9:00 PMForensic Files    new  
A hit-and-run in Harrisburg, Pa., is investigated, as police try to find the owner of the vehicle used in the crime.
9:30 PMForensic Files    new  
A look back at a December 1990 accident on Route I-75, near Calhoun, Tenn., that involved 99 vehicles and resulted in 12 deaths.
10:00 PMCorrupt Crimes    new  
The murder of Marvin Gaye is spotlighted. Also: a prominent doctor's wife slips and falls in the shower, but authorities suspect it was not an accident.
11:00 PMCorrupt Crimes    new  
A man is found murdered and dismembered years after his wife accuses him of running off with another woman and a minister coaxes millions of dollars from his followers in one of the largest Ponzi schemes in history.
11:30 PMCorrupt Crimes    new  
Aaron Hernandez is profiled. Also: a former Las Vegas stripper is accused of murdering her husband on his birthday.
12:00 AMForensic Files    new  
How DNA evidence helped bring in a suspect in a sex crime.
12:30 AMForensic Files    new  
A case of thalium poisoning is investigated.
1:00 AMThe FBI Files    new  
A man whose family was murdered falls under suspicion when a large trust fund is uncovered. Included: details of the investigation.
2:00 AMThe FBI Files    new  
A case involving the abduction and murder of two girls in South Carolina includes how the FBI used behavioral profiling to catch the killer.
3:00 AMThe FBI Files    new  
An abduction by a drug cartel triggers an FBI investigation. Included: surveillance and investigative work.
4:00 AMThe FBI Files    new  
Local police turn to the FBI in a murder of an unidentified young woman.
5:00 AMThe FBI Files    new  
A series of murders in Anchorage in which the FBI's help is needed in getting a confession from a suspect.

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