KWQC Cozi TV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for KWQC Cozi TV in the Davnprt

This is the KWQC Cozi TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Davnprt. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

12:00 PMStarsky & Hutch 
Cultists kidnap Starsky for arresting their leader. Aesop Aquarian, Patricia Pearcy, Anthony James, John Horn.
1:00 PMStarsky & Hutch 
A psychic helps locate a kidnapped girl. Cliff Emmich, George Loros, Diane Kay.
2:00 PMCharlie's Angels 
The Angels try to prove a magician's not an arsonist. E.J. Andre, Rudy Solari, Howard Witt, Wyatt Johnson.
3:00 PMStellar Sunday 
3:30 PMBlack College Quiz 
Students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities compete to win scholarship cash prizes.
4:00 PMThis Week in AgriBusiness 
An agricultural show featuring weather forecasts, as well as interviews with farming leaders and lawmakers. Orion Samuelson and Max Armstrong cohost.
6:00 PMEmergency 
Doctors treat a boy who attempted to commit suicide by leaping from an apartment ledge; paramedics rescue a man trapped in a doughnut machine. Brackett: Robert Fuller. Tommy: Bobby Eilbacher. Gage: Randolph Mantooth. Vera: Mariette Hartley. DeSoto: Kevin Tighe. Jake: Anthony Eisley. Early: Bobby Troup. Celia: Vivian Bonnell. Morton: Ron Pinkard. TV Host: Dick Enberg. Stanley: Michael Norell. Nurse: Ginny Golden. Kelly: Tim Donnelly. Newspaper Man: Dick Whittinghill.
7:00 PMColumbo    new  
A lawyer (Dabney Coleman) murders his mistress and implicates her drummer lover. Little Richard has a cameo. Columbo: Peter Falk. Trish: Shera Danese. Marcy: Cheryl Paris. Neddy: Julian Stone.
9:00 PMThe Six Million Dollar Man 
Part 1 of two. A satellite crashes on an island concealed by aliens. Robin Mattson, Jared Martin, Robert Symonds, Alf Kjellin.
10:00 PMThe Six Million Dollar Man 
Conclusion. A satellite crashes on an island concealed by aliens. Robin Mattson, Jared Martin, Robert Symonds, Alf Kjellin.
11:00 PMCooking with Emeril 
Replace those counter cluttering appliances with Emeril 360!
12:00 AMThe Bionic Woman 
Conclusion. Jaime must find the enemy agent before the visit of a foreign premier. George Maharis, Diane Civita.

How to Watch KWQC Cozi TV

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