WDFX Court TV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WDFX Court TV in the Dothan Area

This is the WDFX Court TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Dothan Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

1:00 PMOj25    new  
A flurry of witnesses takes the stand as the defense begins to build its case that O.J. Simpson did not kill Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.
2:00 PMThe FBI Files    new  
Examining the 1973 abduction of a little girl, in which the only clues were telephone calls to the child's mother from the kidnapper.
3:00 PMCorrupt Crimes    new  
A murderous spouse makes waves by disposing of the dead body at sea in a burning boat after being confronted about an illicit affair. Witnesses film the blazing ship going down, but the body is never recovered.
3:30 PMCorrupt Crimes    new  
A murder mystery play becomes reality for a married couple on a Valentine's Day date at an oceanfront resort. What looks like a tragic accident soon turns out to be more than just a crime of passion.
4:00 PMCorrupt Crimes    new  
A couple's vacation plans are thwarted when they find out their flight is cancelled. They return home to find their home taken over by intruders—and are bound, gagged and beaten by the thieves.
5:00 PMIt Takes a Killer    new  
A triple homicide in New Orleans, Louisiana leaves law enforcement with puzzling clues, but as they piece together the mystery, they quickly realize there is more to the murders than a robbery gone wrong.
5:30 PMIt Takes a Killer    new  
Mother-and-son grifters cross America and pull off scams, then graduate to multiple homicides.
6:00 PMIt Takes a Killer    new  
A shooting death of a promising attorney is investigated.
6:30 PMIt Takes a Killer    new  
Armed robberies resulting in the killings of fast-food workers are investigated.
7:00 PMForensic Files    new  
Witnesses report a hit-and-run in which a van ran over a man. The police, however, find no evidence to support the claim.
7:30 PMForensic Files    new  
A murder victim's date of death is determined by insects and a forensic entomologist.
8:00 PMForensic Files    new  
The abduction of a teen girl is related. The investigation is aided by the victim when she returns and points the police toward the culprit.
8:30 PMForensic Files    new  
The murder of a teen girl is recalled. The police catch the killer with the help of a vacuum-cleaner bag containing paint particles.
9:00 PMCorrupt Crimes    new  
A young, wealthy Detroit couple argues over the wife's career and the husband's stay-at-home duties. One night, the fighting ends when the wife storms off, never to return.
9:30 PMCorrupt Crimes    new  
A shy teenager who once made headlines for having non-stop hiccups commits murder. Also: the downfall of a Los Angeles private investigator is discussed.
10:00 PMCorrupt Crimes    new  
An artist's famous paintings are revealed to be fakes. Also featured are a murder at 13,000 feet and a classic love triangle between a schoolteacher, a married mother of two and a hot skydiving instructor.
10:30 PMCorrupt Crimes    new  
A middle-aged Denver couple are bludgeoned to death by their formerly homeless housekeeper. Also: an American astronaut goes on a 900-mile road trip to seek retribution from her ex-lover's new lady, a US Air Force Captain.
11:00 PMForensic Files    new  
An unusual murder case in Pennsylvania involving a man found dead nearly 100 miles from his home.
11:30 PMForensic Files    new  
An examination of the E coli bacteria and the dangers it presents.
12:00 AMThe FBI Files    new  
FBI efforts to neutralize domestic terrorist operations and prosecute the leaders.
1:00 AMThe FBI Files    new  
A kidnapping investigation in which the prime suspect is the victim's husband, but FBI agents keep their options open.

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