WNKY MeTv TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WNKY MeTv in the Evansville Area

This is the WNKY MeTv TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Evansville Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

11:30 PMThe Twilight Zone 
A meek man is given super strength by aliens. Burgess Meredith, Don Rickles, James Westerfield, Edward Ryder.
12:00 AMAlfred Hitchcock Presents 
A man sees a recently painted portrait of his long-missing wife. Philip Abbott, Nancy Gates, Raymond Bailey, John Baragrey.
12:30 AMAlfred Hitchcock Presents 
An antique dealer (Robert H. Harris) will do anything to keep his store. Louise Larabee, Meg Mundy, Michael Ansara.
1:00 AMMannix 
National Theater of the Deaf actors are featured as Mannix chases kidnappers. Laurence Naismith, Audree Norton, Jason Evers.
2:00 AMCannon 
A millionaire tries to frame his daughter-in-law. Nancy Kovack Mehta, Titos Vandis, Pepe Serna, Robert Drivas, William Conrad.
3:00 AMBarnaby Jones 
A private girls school is the setting for menacing mishaps. Terri Nunn, Jean Rasey, Marla Adams, Lee Meriwether.
4:00 AMHighway Patrol 
Mathews spends Christmas Eve searching for a runaway child. Mathews: Broderick Crawford. Julie: Michelle Ducasse.
4:30 AMDragnet 
A Gypsy woman tries to bribe the police. Virginia Gregg, Don Dubbins, Jack Webb, Harry Morgan.
5:00 AMDragnet 
A baby's "accidental" injuries look suspicious. Brooke Bundy, Kiel Martin, Jack Webb, Harry Morgan.
5:30 AMMy Three Sons 
Ernie thinks the moon is responsible for a run of bad luck. Barry Livingston, Fred MacMurray, Beverly Garland.
6:00 AM    new  
7:00 AMLeave It to Beaver 
Ward tries to be two places at once. Rusty Stevens, Jerry Mathers, Hugh Beaumont, Tony Dow, Barbara Billingsley.
7:30 AMLeave It to Beaver 
Beaver's new friend only speaks Spanish. Alan Robert, Hugh Beaumont, Jerry Mathers.
8:00 AMPerry Mason 
A boy's inquiries leads to a series of baffling answers---and a murder trial. Bobby Clarke, James Anderson.
9:00 AMMatlock 
A Senate candidate is accused of murder ing a tabloid editor. Andy Griffith, Tricia O'Neil, Salvatore Xuereb.
10:00 AMIn the Heat of the Night 
DeLong's ex-husband could stand trial for murder unless the police find his accomplice. John Wesley, Rugg Williams, Denise Nichols.
11:00 AMThe Waltons 
Olivia and Mary Ellen comfort a rape victim. Antoinette Stella, Michael Learned, Judy Norton-Taylor.

How to Watch WNKY MeTv

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