KCPM TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for KCPM in the Fargo

This is the KCPM TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Fargo. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

12:30 PMThe Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 
1:00 PMNaked City 
In court for possession of drugs, addict Beth Rydecker (Kathryn Hays) has another problem: her mother has no intention of letting the family name be smeared. Mrs. Rydecker: Ruth Ford. Flint: Paul Burke. Brayson: Martin Gabel. Parker: Horace McMahon.
2:00 PMRoute 66 
In Los Angeles, Tod and Buz meet up with a breathless teenager (Patty McCormack) who claims she is being pursued by the mob. Marva: Marianne Stewart. Buz: George Maharis. Tod: Martin Milner. Baer: Larry Gates.
3:00 PMWhere the Red Fern Grows 
During the Great Depression, a boy works hard and saves up to buy two hunting dogs. Owner and animals soon bond as they go on a series of adventures together, which include participating in a local hunting competition.
4:00 PMAccess Daily    new  
5:00 PMDish Nation    new  
5:30 PMTo Be Announced 
To Be Announced.
6:00 PMTo Be Announced 
To be announced.
6:30 PMTo Be Announced 
To Be Announced.
7:00 PMDateline 
It was just before Halloween. Joel Lovelien and his fiancé headed to a local bar packed with people in costume. Then, Joel stepped outside and walked into a troubling mystery.
8:00 PMLaw & Order: Criminal Intent 
A man's wife and daughters are kidnapped. Ritchie Coster, Stephi Lineburg, James Colby.
9:00 PMAccess Hollywood    new  
9:30 PMTo Be Announced 
To Be Announced.
10:00 PMTo Be Announced 
To be announced.
10:30 PMForensic Files 
A suspect's dog might offer a clue in an investigation of a stockbroker's death.
11:00 PMDish Nation    new  
11:30 PMHot Products 
12:00 AMShepherd's Chapel 
Books from The Bible are taught.

How to Watch KCPM

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