KVLY Heroes & Icons TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for KVLY Heroes & Icons in the Fargo

This is the KVLY Heroes & Icons TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Fargo. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

3:00 AMPolice Story 
A cop recieves a medal for a shoot-out that killed his partner. Part 1 of two. Mike Connors, Cameron Mitchell, Martin Milner, James Darren.
4:00 AMThe Green Hornet 
Mike is jailed for murder. James Best, Lynda Day, Van Williams.
4:30 AMThe Green Hornet 
The Hornet must recover narcotics from a freighter undergoing demolition.
5:00 AMThe Adventures of Superman 
Someone has stolen a secret formula that is the only known defense against atomic warfare. Clark: George Reeves.
5:30 AMThe Adventures of Superman 
Lois gets involved with gunmen while vacationing in Canada. Clark: George Reeves. Lois: Phyllis Coates. Jimmy: Jack Larson.
6:00 AMBatman 
Conclusion. The Dynamic Duo grapples with the Joker (Cesar Romero). Venus: Terry Moore.
6:30 AMBatman 
The Penguin kidnaps Batgirl. Burgess Meredith, Yvonne Craig, Neil Hamilton.
7:00 AMTravel Thru History 
A visit to San Antonio. Included: the Alamo; San Antonio Missions National Historical Park; the Spanish Governor's Palace; the San Antonio River Walk.
7:30 AMThe Science Zone 
8:00 AMHidden Heroes 
Behind-the-scenes with racing pit crews.
8:30 AMHidden Heroes 
Behind-the-scenes with racing pit crews.
9:00 AMWalking Wild 
9:30 AMUncaged 
10:00 AMThe Adventures of Superman 
A young girl is endangered when she receives a message intended for two counterfeiters.
10:30 AMThe Adventures of Superman 
Three witnesses are slain.
11:00 AMBatman 
Part 1. The Riddler plans to rob a bank. Batman: Adam West. Robin: Burt Ward.
11:30 AMBatman 
Conclusion. The Riddler demands crime be made legal. John Astin, Martin Kosleck, Burt Ward.
12:00 PMWonder Woman 
A rock star mesmerizes his fans into stealing the take at his concerts. Martin Mull, Eve Plumb, Denny Miller, Mel Allen.
1:00 PMSheena 
Tuma ambushes a tribal peace talk to steal a sacred rock shared by the four tribes. John Allen Nelson, Kevin Quigley.
2:00 PMRelic Hunter 
Syd tracks a sacred sword of the Knights Templar, a sect that guarded pilgrims during the Crusades. Hugh Dancy, Nicholas Rowe.
3:00 PMBeastMaster 
The Black Apparition captures the Sorceress. Leah Purcell, Simon Westaway, Monika Schnarre, Grahame Bond, Jackson Raine.

How to Watch KVLY Heroes & Icons

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