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Live TV schedule for Westerns4U in the Fresno

This is the Westerns4U TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Fresno. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

11:00 PMThe Great Silence 
A mute gunfighter takes on a sadistic bounty hunter in this spaghetti Western.
1:00 AMThe Left Handed Gun 
Billy the Kid sets out to exact revenge on the men responsible for killing his beloved mentor.
3:00 AMZorro 
The avenging swordsman of 1820s California defended the citizenry of Fortress de Los Angeles from a tyrannical commandant and made the sign of the Z on any who would cross him. The Disney series was preceded by numerous Hollywood Zorros (Douglas Fairbanks and Tyrone Power, among them), and later versions starred Frank Langella (1974), George Hamilton (the 1981 comedy `Zorro the Gay Blade'), and Anthony Hopkins and Antonio Banderas (1998). Duncan Regehr starred in a 1990-93 cable series.
3:30 AMJim Bowie 
4:00 AMWagon Train 
This classy Western followed the trials of a California-bound wagon train after the Civil War. There were regulars and some action, but the emphasis was on strong storytelling and top guests such as Bette Davis, Jane Wyman, Ronald Reagan, Lee Marvin and Joseph Cotten. John Ford even came on board to direct 1960's `The Colter Craven Story.' John McIntire replaced Ward Bond after the latter's death in 1961. The Bond shows aired in syndication as `Major Adams, Trailmaster.'
5:00 AMGunsmoke 
This landmark adult Western centered on Marshal Matt Dillon of Dodge City.
6:00 AMThe Restless Gun 
Cowboy Vint Bonner roams the Southwest, and---befitting a show called `Restless Gun'---encounters much trouble along the way, in one of 20 Westerns that aired during the 1957-58 season.
6:30 AMDaniel Boone 
Long-running adventure series about the legendary trailblazer, the rippin'est, roarin'est, fightin'est man the frontier ever knew (at least according to the show's theme song). It was a successful return to the trail for star Fess Parker, who, a decade earlier, had achieved phenomenal popularity with his portrayal of Davy Crockett in a series of Disney programs.
7:30 AMCowboy G-Men 
Early 1950s Western about two government agents trying to keep the peace.
8:00 AMHere Comes the Brides 
Engaged couples discuss courtship and become eligible for on-air weddings and paid honeymoons.
8:30 AMJim Bowie 
9:00 AMBranded 
A disgraced cavalry captain tries to salvage his reputation after being labeled a coward and discharged from the Army following a disastrous battle.
9:30 AMHopalong Cassidy 
The silver-haired hero dressed in black first rode tall as the star of B Westerns from 1935-48. Based on Clarence E. Mulford's stories, the character of Hopalong Cassidy was portrayed in the movies and on TV by former silent-screen idol William Boyd, who, in the early years of television, amassed a fortune by buying the rights to and telecasting his old Westerns (he also made new Hopalong films for TV). What followed was nothing less than a national licensing rage for all things Hoppy.
10:00 AMThe Rebel 
Ex-Confederate soldier Johnny Yuma was the rebel who, following the Civil War, wandered from town to town and, of course, helped numerous folks who crossed his path. Johnny Cash sang the theme song.
11:00 AMTammy 
Spunky Southerner Tammy Tarleton worked as a secretary for a plantation owner in this sitcom based on the `Tammy' movies that starred Debbie Reynolds and Sandra Dee. Tarleton lived on a bayou houseboat with her grandfather and her uncle.
11:30 AMHigh Chaparral 
12:30 PMJim Bowie 

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