KHBS MeTV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for KHBS MeTV in the Ft Smth

This is the KHBS MeTV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Ft Smth. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

8:00 AMHave Gun, Will Travel 
Someone is trying to assassinate Paladin's new friend. June Vincent, Richard Boone.
8:30 AMHave Gun, Will Travel 
Paladin and a hobo con crooked gamblers. Strother Martin, John Dehner, Buddy Baer.
9:00 AMMaverick 
Bret (James Garner) is up to his gun belt in trouble: the benign and bewildered cowboy has won himself a reputation as top gun in the West. Arnett: Adam West. Smoky: Gary Vinson. Holly: Diane McBain. Bart: Jack Kelly. Enoch: Wally Brown. Sheriff: Robert Foulk. Jed: Bing Russell.
10:00 AMWagon Train 
Adams' bumbling cousin is determined to be a wagon master. George Gobel, Ken Curtis, Joe Flynn, Otto Waldis.
11:00 AMThe Big Valley 
A shy dressmaker, said to be a bandit, is the targeted by lawmen and outlaws.
12:00 PMGunsmoke 
Miss Kitty shoots an outlaw, and his brother seeks revenge. Angus Duncan, Steve Forrest, Ted Jordan, Amanda Blake.
1:00 PMBonanza 
A circus midget turns bank robber. Michael Dunn, Edward Binns, Angela Clarke.
2:00 PMRawhide 
Rowdy is one of a group imprisoned in a remote cabin for no apparent reason. Clint Eastwood, Robert F. Simon, Rosemary De Camp.
3:00 PMWanted: Dead or Alive 
A man hires Josh to bring in his twin. Nick Bon Tempi, Paul Bon Tempi, Steve McQueen, Audrey Clark-Caire.
3:30 PMWanted: Dead or Alive 
Josh hunts an old friend turned crook. Richard Anderson, Lewis Charles, Steve McQueen.
4:00 PMThe Rifleman 
Part 1 of two. The McCains trail a missing Micah to a ghost town. Vito Scotti, Tony Rosa, Pepe Hern, Sara Taft. Written by Robert Culp.
4:30 PMThe Rifleman 
Conclusion. The McCains and Micah look for a way out of a bandit-infested ghost town. Vito Scotti, Tony Rosa, Pepe Hern.
5:00 PMThe Three Stooges 
In order to get $500,000, Shemp must marry. Dee Green, Christine McIntyre, Shemp Howard.
6:00 PMWonder Woman 
A sheriff detains Wonder Woman en route to a missile's test launch. James Luisi, Steve Inwood, Mark Withers.
7:00 PMSvengoolie Classic Horror & Sci-Fi Movie    new  

How to Watch KHBS MeTV

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