WLFL HDTV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WLFL HDTV in the Grnvlle

This is the WLFL HDTV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Grnvlle. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

11:00 AMMaury 
A man denies he's the father of a woman's children; a woman's mother and sister tell her fiancé that she cheated on him; a woman says a man she met online is her child's father.
12:00 PMJerry Springer 
A woman learns that her boyfriend is cheating on her from his friend; a man finds out that he is vying for the affection of his girlfriend; a woman has a messy one night stand.
1:00 PMCops 
Police in Maricopa County, Ariz., follow a slow-moving car that ignores a checkpoint; officers in Amarillo, Texas, arrest a drunken driver who has no recollection of where she's been; and a Portland, Ore., man tries to flee a simple traffic violation.
1:30 PMCops 
Trouble outside of a Texas convenience store leads to a foot chase; police in Arizona catch two suspects lying during a routine traffic stop.
2:00 PMTrue Crime Files 
3:00 PMJerry Springer 
A single is surprised by a revelation from a new romantic partner; a man's relationship with his girlfriend is in jeopardy after a one-night stand; a man has a confession for his summertime lover.
4:00 PMMaury 
Cases include: a mother whose daughter has gone missing; a mother who has been working with law enforcement in hopes of apprehending her son's killer; and the disappearance of a 19-year-old boy, which remains a mystery.
5:00 PMblack-ish 
Ruby introduces Dre and Bow to the new man in her life, but Dre looks for any reason to dislike him while Pops comes up with a plan to distract his ex-wife; and Junior's siblings convince him to meet up with a girl he's been talking to on a dating site.
5:30 PMblack-ish 
Dre encourages his family to have each others' backs, but ends up creating a problem for himself when he falls short of Bow's expectations; Zoey and Andre Jr. are tasked with babysitting the twins, a job they would rather not do.
6:00 PMThe Goldbergs 
Barry accuses Beverly of liking Adam best; Murray immediately takes a disliking to Erica's new beau; and Erica develops a fondness for the band Rush.
6:30 PMModern Family 
Gloria's picked for jury duty; Claire's plans for "Bring Your Daughter to Work Day" hit a snag; Phil participates in community service with Luke and Manny's class; Mitch and Cam can't agree on a guest list for their party.
7:00 PMThe Big Bang Theory 
An Air Force bigwig shows interest in the guys' gyroscope invention; Bernadette is upset with Penny after she accidentally leaks a secret to Bernadette's coworkers about her pregnancy.
7:30 PMThe Big Bang Theory 
Raj may have found his soul mate after his parents set him up on a date; Sheldon thinks he's being haunted by the voice of Spock after he breaks a "Star Trek" collectible.
8:00 PMSupergirl 
The Monitor sends Harbinger to gather the worlds' greatest heroes - Supergirl, The Flash, Green Arrow, Batwoman, White Canary, The Atom and Superman - in preparation for the impending Crisis.
9:00 PMBatwoman 
The group uses Ray's invention to track new recruits to help save the universe. Meanwhile, the Monitor sends Iris, Clark and Lois in search of a mysterious Kryptonian, while Kate and Kara head out to find Bruce Wayne.
10:00 PMABC11 Eyewitness News at 10 on CW22    new  
Local news, sports and weather.
10:35 PMTMZ    new  
11:05 PMDailyMailTV    new  
11:35 PMLast Man Standing 
Mike worries about privacy after a security camera captures Vanessa turning a hose on a cat.

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