WEPX TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WEPX in the Grnvlle

This is the WEPX TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Grnvlle. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

9:00 AMLaw & Order 
A porn star is murdered after writing a bestseller and Fontana's partner is Nick Falco (Michael Imperioli), filling in for Green.
10:00 AMLaw & Order 
The investigation into a jockey's death reveals a cover-up involving a racehorse and misappropriations from a pension fund.
11:00 AMChicago P.D. 
The team searches for a perp who held a woman for months; and Ruzek claims Roman likes Burgess.
12:00 PMChicago P.D. 
An abandoned newborn baby is found dead. In other events, Voight's son is in town; and Burgess and Roman grow closer.
1:00 PMChicago P.D. 
Burgess is involved in a suspect shooting after Roman is wounded by a hooded perp who opened fire on their patrol car.
2:00 PMChicago P.D. 
Lindsay and Halstead respond to a shots fired call and discover one survivor: a young girl. In other events, Antonio and Olinsky investigate a "self help" group; and Platt makes the case to Crowley for why Burgess and Roman should remain partners.
3:00 PMChicago P.D. 
The team investigates the murder of a single mom who was in contact with Voight's now-reformed son, who was himself brutally assaulted. Meanwhile, Roman makes a major decision; and Crowley plans to make changes within the unit.
4:00 PMChicago P.D. 
The team investigates a murder in which the victim appears to have been wearing a CPD-issued wire; Burgess works a case with a new partner; and Crowley questions Lindsay about the night that Intelligence pursued Justin's killer.
5:00 PMChicago P.D. 
A man is beaten and his fiancée is apparently abducted. In other events, Lindsay surprises Halsted with a big question; and Cdr. Fogel takes Platt to task for going over his head to have Tay assigned to District 21.
6:00 PMChicago P.D. 
Platt is sent to the hospital after a vicious attack outside her father's house. Mouch is questioned and past threats against her are revisited while the team investigates; and a gruesome discovery inside the father's home ups the ante in the case.
7:00 PMChicago P.D. 
A car plows through a crowd outside of a concert venue and is followed by gunfire, sparking fears that it may be terror-related. In other events, Burgess spots Atwater's brother where he shouldn't be; and the team works to bring peace to the community.
8:00 PMChicago P.D. 
The team hunts drug dealers selling fentanyl, which has been linked to multiple overdoses around the city; and Tay and Burgess discover a bloodied child who shares a twisted secret about his home life.
9:00 PMChicago P.D. 
Burgess and Sorensen discover a dead teen girl at the home of a baseball player who's friends with Olinsky; Burgess and Sorensen hunt a thief who turns out to be a cop with a rocky past; and Lindsay receives flowers.

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