WITN Heroes & Icons TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WITN Heroes & Icons in the Grnvlle

This is the WITN Heroes & Icons TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Grnvlle. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

5:00 PMThe Pretender 
Miss Parker tries to solve Thomas's murder. Harve Presnell, Pamela Gidley, Jason Brooks.
6:00 PMRenegade 
A bounty hunter is kidnapped by his quarry and Bobby is expected to pay the ransom. Terry Camilleri, Judson Mills.
7:00 PMBlack Sheep Squadron 
8:00 PMTour of Duty 
Brewster helps Johnson with his first lessons in leadership. Jim Piddock, Ken Herbert, Carl Weathers, Stan Foster.
9:00 PMCombat! 
Saunders is captured by an American in a WWI uniform. Eddie Albert, Alida Valli.
10:00 PMThe Rat Patrol 
A young POW complicates the Rat Patrol's attempt to destroy a German ammo dump. Peter: Mark DeVries. Troy: Christopher George. Colonel: Karl Swenson. Moffitt: Gary Raymond. Hitchcock: Lawrence Casey.
10:30 PMThe Rat Patrol 
Dietrich (Hans Gudegast) traps the Rat Patrol inside a German radio station, where they were trying to send a message to the British. Troy: Christopher George. Windsor: Michael Evans. Moffitt: Gary Raymond. Hitchcock: Lawrence Casey.
11:00 PM12 O'clock High 
A B-17 may have shot down a U.S. fighter and the squadron leader holds Gallagher responsible. Warren Oates, Jill Ireland, Jill Haworth.
12:00 AMHill Street Blues 
Warlords hear Furillo's ultimatum after a gang-related murder. Trinidad Silva, Dennis Dugan, Victor Campos.
1:00 AMHill Street Blues 
Captain Freedom interferes with an arrest. Dennis Dugan, Rene Enriquez, Charles Haid.
2:00 AMHill Street Blues 
The Sullivan Commission may be out for blood. Robin Gammell, Jerome Thor, Daniel J. Travanti, James B. Sikking.
3:00 AMPolice Story 
A rookie fails to gun down a juvenile cop killer. Kurt Russell, Andrew Stevens, Clu Gulager, Tim O'Connor, Glenn Corbett.
4:00 AMPolice Story 
A detective's obsessed with finding a missing boy. Robert Forster, Diane Baker, Robert Brown, Diana Ewing, Milt Kogan.
5:00 AMPolice Story 
A full day with the vice squad is dramatized. Ron Leibman, Paul Burke, Hari Rhodes.

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