UNC-EX TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for UNC-EX in the Grnvll

This is the UNC-EX TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Grnvll. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

4:00 PMKing Charles III on Masterpiece 
Prince Charles ascends to the throne following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.
6:30 PMBorn to Explore With Richard Wiese 
A global exploration of human cultures, geographical marvels and facts about nature.
7:00 PMAnimals with Cameras, A Nature Miniseries 
Conclusion. The secret lives of animals are documented by the animals themselves.
8:00 PMNOVA 
A look at a trove of fossils that reveal how mammals took over after an asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs.
9:00 PMLife From Above 
A look at Earth's kaleidoscope of colors. Included: Swirls of turquoise phytoplankton trigger an oceanic feeding frenzy; China turns yellow as millions of flowers bloom; and, at night, the waters near Argentina are spotted with green lights.
10:00 PMMy Home, Nc 
10:30 PMNcimpact Special 
11:00 PMAntiques Roadshow 
A 2001 stop in Boston is revisited. Included: a violin attributed to Johannes B. Ceruti; an 1836 Joseph H. Davis painting; and a frontiersman's pipe tomahawk.
12:00 AMVictoria on Masterpiece 
The world's eyes are on the Great Exhibition, and the royal couple.
1:00 AMPoldark on Masterpiece 
Poldark returns home after serving in the American war only to discover that much has changed: his father is dead and home near ruin; and his true love is about to marry his cousin.
2:00 AMPoldark on Masterpiece 
Poldark hopes to re-open the family mine, but needs backers if he's to pull it off. In other events, Verity attracts the attention of a sea captain while at a dance.
3:00 AMKing Charles III on Masterpiece 
Prince Charles ascends to the throne following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.
5:00 AMSecrets of Henry VIII's Palace 
A tour of Hampton Court, which was built by Cardinal Wolsey in the early 16th century and eventually given to Henry VIII, who furthered its development. Its rooms chart Henry's physical decline and also recall the women who became his queens.
6:00 AMDeath in Paradise 
When a passenger is stabbed on the express bus to Honore, Jack and his team are baffled.

How to Watch UNC-EX

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