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Live TV schedule for WRET PBS Encore in the Grnvll

This is the WRET PBS Encore TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Grnvll. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

4:00 AMNOVA 
Conclusion. The evolution of creatures unique to Australia, such as the kangaroo and cassowary, is chronicled alongside the change in the continent's landscape, which transformed from jungles to eucalyptus forests, grasslands and deserts.
5:00 AMChina: Power and Prosperity 
6:00 AMProfessor T. 
A series of attacks have been carried out on vehicles. At the same time, pamphlets are being distributed for an anarchist student group from the 1980s the professor was a member of.
7:00 AMThe Vote: American Experience 
Explore the final four years, 1916-1920, of the campaign for the passage of the 19th amendment and meet some of the unsung women whose tireless work would finally ban discrimination at American polls on the basis of sex.
8:00 AMSecrets of the Dead 
Join a team of archaeologists as they examine one of the most significant Viking graves ever found and test the DNA of the remains of the female warrior buried inside, rewriting our understanding of Viking society.
9:00 AMPriscilla's Yoga Stretches 
Training in yoga is featured.
9:15 AMPriscilla's Yoga Stretches 
Training in yoga is featured.
9:30 AMSit and Be Fit 
Exercises for posture that use a towel and band; and exercises for the hips, carpal tunnel and pelvic floor.
10:00 AMDW News 
European and international news.
10:30 AMDW Conflict Zone 
11:00 AMDW News 
European and international news.
11:30 AMFocus on Europe 
A weekly series examining political, cultural, social and economic issues.
12:00 PMEcoSense for Living 
Creative ways that people and organizations are upcycling, reducing, or transforming trash.
12:30 PMGrowing a Greener World 
A look at how mason bees could save the world in their ability to pollinate.
1:00 PMThe Farmer and the Foodie 
Visiting Foxhollow and preparing a feast that includes a rosemary spritz cocktail and grassfed beef meatballs.
1:30 PMAgeless Living 
2:00 PMPaving the Way: The National Park-to-Park Highway 
Part 1 of 2. The story of the Park-to-Park Highway, an auto trail in the 1920s that led to the 12 national parks. Included: the pioneering 5000-mile drive on the trail.
3:00 PMDW News 
European and international news.
3:30 PMDw-TV Eco Africa 
4:00 PMYoga in Practice 
Yoga changes one's perspective. Bow Pose and Camel help people move into new experiences.

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