WJZY Heroes & Icons TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WJZY Heroes & Icons in the Grnvll

This is the WJZY Heroes & Icons TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Grnvll. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

12:00 PMThe District 
Debrano protects a singer (Lee Ann Womack) after her life is threatened. Jenni Blong, John Bradley, Stephen Wozniak.
1:00 PMHouse 
A woman has a pulmonary embolism at an age (38) that's usually too young for it. This intrgues House, as does the fact that she's mentally ill.
2:00 PMHouse 
A young woman sleeps too much, but it isn't depression; it's a disease that's likely fatal.
3:00 PMMonk 
A black-and-white episode involving a man with leprosy who asks Monk to retrieve old love letters. Stephen Bogardus, Sarah Brown.
4:00 PMMonk 
Everyone is suspicious of Monk's new friend---except Monk, who's positively giddy. Andy Richter, David Eigenberg.
5:00 PMMacGyver 
Smoking out an arsonist turns personal for MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson).
6:00 PMNash Bridges 
A man kills people while they use cell phones; a ventriloquist receives threatening calls; Joe wrestles with disturbing dreams. Don Johnson.
7:00 PMNash Bridges 
A witness to a murder is murdered after she recants, freeing the killers. But then one of the killers is killed. Kelly Rutherford.
8:00 PMStar Trek 
Ricardo Montalban plays Khan, head of a superhuman race. Madlyn Rhue, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy.
9:00 PMStar Trek: The Next Generation 
Picard falls for a woman who is serving as a peace offering between warring races. Famke Janssen, Tim O'Connor, Max Grodenchik.
10:00 PMStar Trek: Deep Space Nine 
Sisko and Dukat are stranded on a distant planet. Avery Brooks, Marc Alaimo, Michael Dorn.
11:00 PMStar Trek: Voyager 
Conclusion. Chakotay is hunted on Quarra as he tries to free Janeway and the crew from their brainwashing. James Read, Don Most.
12:00 AMStar Trek: Enterprise 
Archer accepts three slave women as a gift to seal a deal with an Orion pirate, but the captain's good-faith gesture has bad results.

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