KETH Hillsong Channel TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for KETH Hillsong Channel in the Houston Area

This is the KETH Hillsong Channel TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Houston Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

2:30 PMThe Spirit Contemporary Life 
Religious programming.
3:00 PMWorship by Hillsong 
Worship music with Hillsong Church.
4:00 PMTD Jakes 
A talk show examining current topics.
4:30 PMEnjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer 
Author and Bible teacher Joyce Meyer shares encouragement to help people enjoy daily life.
5:00 PMJewish Voice 
A look the Jewish roots of Christian faith and how world events surrounding Israel are connected to everyday life.
5:30 PMChurch by the Glades 
Pastor David Hughes shares life-changing insights with passion and creativity from Church by the Glades in Coral Springs, Fla.
6:00 PMJoel Osteen 
A weekly sermon from the Lakewood Church in Houston.
6:30 PMJoseph Prince Ministries 
7:00 PMTransformation Church With Pastor Mike Todd 
Pastor Mike Todd is spotlighted.
7:30 PMRon Carpenter 
Pastor Ron Carpenter explores teachings based on the Bible.
8:00 PMDavid Jeremiah (Turning Point) 
Inspirational messages from Pastor David Jeremiah.
8:30 PMJoseph Prince Special 
Inspirational messages from Pastor Joseph Prince at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas.
9:00 PMBrian Houston @ Hillsong TV 
Teachings from Brian Houston at Hillsong Church in Sydney.
9:30 PMCafe Theology With Terry Crist 
Pastor Terry Crist discusses the positive impact of faith on one's life.
10:00 PMHillsong teaching with Donna Crouch 
10:30 PMHillsong Teaching With Phil Dooley 
11:00 PMCarols at Hillsong 
Taya Smith, Jad Gillies and Jonathon Douglass sing Christmas carols with the Hillsong Worship team.
11:30 PMA Hillsong Christmas with Brian & Bobbie 
Religious programming.
12:00 AMEnjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer 
Author and Bible teacher Joyce Meyer shares encouragement to help people enjoy daily life.
12:30 AMThe Nicole Crank Show 
Nicole Crank delivers an inspirational talk about every day topics to encourage and uplift.
1:00 AMHillsong Teaching with Chris Mendez 
1:30 AMBrain Houston Tv-Spanish    new  
2:00 AMThe Jesus Trek 
2:30 AMSex, Love & Relationships 
A four-part series on teenagers and the consequences of sex.

How to Watch KETH Hillsong Channel

Because KETH Hillsong Channel is a local broadcast channel, there is a good chance you are one of the 90% of households that can receive this channel for free with a TV antenna. We have a report that shows you what to expect if you installed a TV within your home.

If an antenna doesn't work for you, then live streaming may be the answer. Many live streaming services such as YouTube TV, Hulu Live, Sling and AT&T TV Now have local channels on their service at drastically cheaper prices compared to what your local Cable TV provider offers. Check this report to see if you can stream KETH Hillsong Channel locally.