KUVM HotTV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for KUVM HotTV in the Houston Area

This is the KUVM HotTV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Houston Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

4:30 PMThe Adventures of Robin Hood 
The exploits of Sherwood Forest's straight arrow and his Merry Men in 12th-century England.
5:00 PMI Married Joan 
Gifted comedian Joan Davis played the wife of a domestic court judge who regaled couples in his courtroom with tales of his experiences at home.
5:30 PMMy Little Margie 
A popular '50s sitcom (and radio hit) about a perky young woman and her single father.
6:00 PMThe Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet 
TV's longest-running live-action comedy was the brainchild of lawyer-turned-bandleader Ozzie Nelson and began on the radio in 1944.
6:30 PMDangerous Assignment 
A U.S. government agent travels the world on undercover missions in this 1950s series. Star Brian Donlevy originated the role on radio in the '40s.
7:00 PMDragnet 
The classic cop drama follows the cases of laconic Sgt. Joe Friday and his various sidekicks in storylines drawn from actual case files. Originally a radio vehicle for star Jack Webb, the Emmy-winning series was a pioneer in its realistic depiction of police work, though its staccato, just-the-facts dialogue and voice-over narration became the stuff of parody. The show proved enduringly popular, inspiring a 1954 feature, a 1987 spoof (with Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hanks) and a 2003 ABC revival.
7:30 PMMan With a Camera 
Work's no snap for a freelance New York photographer who spends most of his time fighting crime. Reminiscent of the 1951-52 series `Crime Photographer,' which starred Darren McGavin.
8:00 PMMovie 
Arabic Movie
10:30 PMMr. and Mrs. North 
Greenwich Village's Pam and Jerry North fancy themselves sharp amateur sleuths, which is a good thing, since they tend to encounter murder and mayhem at every turn. Based on the popular radio series.
11:00 PMThe Buccaneers 
A reformed pirate battles corsairs for the British Navy in this swashbuckling adventure. Star Robert Shaw made a bigger splash as the flinty shark hunter Quint in `Jaws.'
11:30 PMThe Adventures of Robin Hood 
The exploits of Sherwood Forest's straight arrow and his Merry Men in 12th-century England.
12:00 AMMovie 
Arabic Movie
2:00 AMThis is Mesquite 
2:30 AMThe Invisible Man 
British sci-fi series about a scientist who develops a potion that renders him invisible. Unfortunately, he doesn't have an antidote to allow him to materialize, so he goes to work as a spy for his country.
3:00 AMHey Mulligan 
3:30 AMMovie 
Arabic Movie

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