KPXB TrueReal TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for KPXB TrueReal in the Houston Area

This is the KPXB TrueReal TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Houston Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

5:00 PMMarried at First Sight 
The six participants reveal they'll be marrying a stranger. They have just two weeks to prepare for their weddings; and the preparations are fraught with excitement and panic in the Season 6 premiere.
6:00 PMMarried at First Sight 
Six courageous singles trust three relationship experts with one major decision. They will meet their new spouse at the altar as they vow to legally marry as strangers.
7:00 PMMarried at First Sight 
The newlyweds are alone for the first time on their wedding night, after marrying as complete strangers.
8:00 PMMarried at First Sight 
Part 1 of 2. Each couple embarks on a honeymoon in hopes of getting to know each other better after marrying as strangers.
9:00 PMMarried at First Sight 
Three couples test the marital waters with their spouse on their honeymoons.
10:00 PMMarried at First Sight 
The couples must find a home to live in together.
11:00 PMMarried at First Sight 
The couples spend time with their in-laws and friends; and the experts visit two of the couples that are struggling with adjusting to married life.
12:00 AMMarried at First Sight 
Things heat up when the couples explore their fantasies in an effort to grow closer, but one date goes horribly wrong.
1:00 AMCelebrity Ghost Stories 
Bill Bellamy discovers a ghost living in his house; Mary Lambert encounters an entity in a Hollywood mansion; and Jack Blades has a run-in with Native American spirits.
2:00 AMCelebrity Ghost Stories 
D.B. Sweeney is assaulted by a violent entity; Adrian Zmed is attacked by the ghost of a stage performer from the 1800s; Eddie Money encounters the spirit of a young girl; and DJ Nicole Leone senses paranormal activity after getting a tattoo.
3:00 AMCelebrity Ghost Stories 
A house's murderous history is uncovered by Linda Blair; Carlos Mencia is saved by a spirit; Victoria Rowell learns that her childhood home was built on a burial ground; and Dot Jones is terrified by a ghost.
4:00 AMCelebrity Ghost Stories 
Cindy Williams is chased by a spirit; Skylar Grey is attacked by an incubus; and Alan Thicke encounters a Russian ghost.
5:00 AMBorn This Way 
Hiromi tries to convince Elena to stay; Cristina moves into an apartment of her own; and Megan decides if she wants to be single or in a relationship with Sean.

How to Watch KPXB TrueReal

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