WMJN Retro TV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WMJN Retro TV in the Hntsvlle

This is the WMJN Retro TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Hntsvlle. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

7:00 AMDaytime 
An interview show featuring celebrity guests.
8:00 AMMerv Griffin's Crosswords 
Players answer questions to solve crossword puzzles.
8:30 AMThe Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet 
The Nelsons and Randolphs picnic together. Lyle Talbot, Mary Jane Croft, The Nelsons.
9:00 AMThe Beverly Hillbillies 
Elly grows fond of the Thanksgiving bird. Donna Douglas, Raymond Bailey, Max Baer.
9:30 AMMan With a Camera 
Mike's involved in an attempted prison break. Mike: Charles Bronson. Edwin Bray: Phillip Pine. Warden Fowler: Jay Barney. Al Henchely: Richard Wessel.
10:00 AMDusty's Trail 
Get married or get shot. That's the choice given Dusty and Callahan by two gun-toting strangers seeking husbands for their sisters. Dusty: Bob Denver. Callahan: Forrest Tucker. Clint: Jim Burk. Buck: Paul Wexler. Brookhaven: Ivor Francis. Betsy: Lori Saunders. Lulu: Jeannine Riley.
10:30 AMAdventures of Annie Oakley 
A man by the name of Snowy Kringle arrives in town to show off his sharpshooting skills. Suspicions, however, of Mr. Kringle being a crook come about, and after a robbery, all evidence points to him. It's up to Annie to prove the man's innocence after she feels he has been framed.
11:00 AMThe Doctors 
Romance made the rounds on this lively, long-running drama about bed-hopping healers at a metropolitan medical center. It premiered the same day as `General Hospital.' Originally an anthology series, it switched to a serialized format in 1964 and went to color two years later. In 1972, it scored the Daytime Emmy for Best Drama.
11:30 AMRay Bradbury Theater 
A girl (Drew Barrymore) is unable to convince anyone that she hears a screaming voice from underground.
12:00 PMPolice Surgeon 
12:30 PMThe Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 
1:00 PMNaked City 
Vivian North (Diana Hyland) is a tragic character. She's divorced, lonely, upset---and very dangerous. Crews: Jack Klugman. North: James Patterson. Flint: Paul Burke. Wilkes: Alex Vespi. Parker: Horace McMahon. Arcaro: Harry Bellaver. Earl: Leigh Wharton.
2:00 PMRoute 66 
Tod and Buz join espionage agent Ben Newcombe (Simon Oakland) in a delicate and risky effort to block a madman's campaign to overthrow the Government. Westerbrook: Dan O'Herlihy. Tod: Martin Milner. Buz: George Maharis. Davis: Frank Sutton.

How to Watch WMJN Retro TV

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