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Live TV schedule for Court TV in the Hntsvlle

This is the Court TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Hntsvlle. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

5:00 PMClosing Arguments 
Courtroom trials are spotlighted.
8:00 PMClosing Arguments 
Courtroom trials are spotlighted.
11:00 PMCorrupt Crimes    new  
A brother and sister go on a killing spree and a teacher begins dating a former student, which pushes her husband too far.
11:30 PMCorrupt Crimes    new  
A Michigan man targets her husband in a murder-for-hire plot and authorities accuse a suspected terrorist of planning to detonate a "dirty bomb."
12:00 AMCorrupt Crimes    new  
A killer who uses household tools as weapons goes on the loose in Yorkshire, England. Also: a man's murder sees authorities investigate his wife.
12:30 AMCorrupt Crimes    new  
A chemist uses insurance money he collected from his wife's murder to begin day trading and a fashion designer commits sexual abuse on his young models.
1:00 AMIt Takes a Killer    new  
The slaying of a woman who advertised on social media is investigated in the series premiere of this true-crime program that chronicles notorious murders.
1:30 AMIt Takes a Killer    new  
Deadly sniper attacks that terrorized the Washington, D.C., area for weeks in 2002 are investigated.
2:00 AMIt Takes a Killer    new  
Exploring the case of Chandra Levy, a government intern who went missing in May 2001 and whose skeletal remains were discovered a year later in a Washington, D.C., park.
2:30 AMIt Takes a Killer    new  
The brutal murder of a young man in his home is probed.
3:00 AMDeep Undercover    new  
DEA agent Louis Diaz builds a case against New York drug mastermind, Nicky Barnes. ATF agent Dominick Polifrone cozies up to serial killer, Richard "Iceman" Kuklinski, and nearly becomes a victim.
3:30 AMDeep Undercover    new  
FBI agent John Ligato is on a mission to drive a stake into the heart of the Vegas mob. To do this, he cozies up to a mafia boss who has his hands in organized crime. John infiltrates a mob trucking heist ring and gets a price put on his head in the process.
4:00 AMMurderous Affairs    new  
In Boone County, Iowa, a man on a farm believes that he's shot himself but can't figure out how. Meanwhile, in Pryor, Oklahoma, an affair turns deadly resulting in a house fire.
4:30 AMMurderous Affairs    new  
In Rocky Mount, North Carolina, a mortician falls in love in his funeral parlor. Meanwhile, in Mustang, Oklahoma, a sexual obsession turns deadly.
5:00 AMCorrupt Crimes    new  
A case of arson results in the deaths of five firefighters and a Texas mom goes to extremes to get her daughter on the high school cheer squad.
5:30 AMCorrupt Crimes    new  
A teenager claims an intruder murdered her stepfather, but evidence conflicts with her story. Also, a young woman drowns while scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef.
6:00 AMThe FBI Files    new  
A parole officer is found dead in his car with a fatal gunshot wound in New York City.
7:00 AMForensic Files    new  
A man is suspected of murdering his wife by drowning her in a hotel bathtub.
7:30 AMForensic Files    new  
An autopsy reveals fibers that point toward the killer two years after the crime.

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