WTTV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WTTV in the Indianapolis Area

This is the WTTV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Indianapolis Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

4:00 PMblack-ish 
Junior embarrasses Dre during a basketball game, leading Dre to remind him of his pranking skills in hopes that he won't challenge him again; the neighborhood takes part in Mischief Night; and Ruby goes too far with the kids.
4:30 PMblack-ish 
Zoey gets accepted to many colleges around the country, leading Dre and Bow to reflect on memories they've had with the family; and Pops enlists the twins to sway Zoey to go to college in a city they want to visit.
5:00 PMThe Goldbergs 
Jackie's parents allow Adam to watch a scary movie.
5:30 PMThe Goldbergs 
Murray's business declines due to a new competitor, so Adam offers to make him a commercial starring Marvin, but things go awry; Beverly offers to help Barry when he keeps striking out with a girl at school.
6:00 PMModern Family 
Phil suggests an open house for Halloween when the neighbors frown on Claire's annual extravaganza. Meanwhile, Mitchell and Cameron host a costume party; and Gloria's pregnancy intensifies her emotions.
6:30 PMModern Family 
Phil takes over Halloween from a reluctant Claire and turns the house into "AwesomeLand"; Gloria chooses Princess Fiona and Shrek costumes for her and Jay; Mitchell delivers the closing argument in a big case, but the stenographer is dressed as a spider.
7:00 PMTwo and a Half Men 
Charlie spends money wildly for his old lover Courtney, who returns after spending time in prison.
7:30 PMTwo and a Half Men 
Zoe asks Walden for a favor.
8:00 PM2 Broke Girls 
Conclusion. Martha Stewart appears at a gala, and the girls try to get her to taste their cupcakes as the first season ends.
8:30 PM2 Broke Girls 
Han amasses a hefty gambling debt to a gang and can't repay as Season 5 ends.
9:00 PMFriends 
Monica forgets to invite Rachel's mom to her baby shower; the guys help Joey audition for the world's worst game show. Marlo Thomas.
9:30 PMFriends 
Rachel hates Ross's new date (Rena Sofer); a bad review has Monica sneaking into a cooking class. Molly Hagan, Tucker Smallwood.
10:00 PMSeinfeld 
Jerry's accountant may be on drugs. John Kapelos, Patrick Cronin, Marty Rackham.
10:30 PMSeinfeld 
George's girlfriend refuses to break up; Elaine suspects her new beau is married; Jerry offends a neighbor. Alex Kapp, Nicholas Paul Walker.
11:00 PMThe King of Queens 
Lou Ferrigno moves in next door; Doug's gift of a camera to Carrie turns out negative when she gets a better one. Alex Skuby, Ricki Lake.
11:30 PMThe King of Queens 
Doug gets roped into being a best man at his cousin Danny's wedding. Gary Valentine, Marta DuBois, Kevin James.
12:00 AMSchitt's Creek 
Johnny joins the Jazzagals, while David and Stevie take off on a "romantic" getaway.
12:30 AMSchitt's Creek 
David realizes he may have dragged out his time apart from Patrick too long, and looks for a way to reconcile, while Moira pitches a Singles Week event at Town Hall.
1:00 AMJust for Laughs Gags 
Featuring the best stunt pranks.
1:30 AMLaw & Crime Daily    new  
2:00 AMLauren Lake's Paternity Court 
Reality TV star Frankie Lons wants to confirm the paternity of her daughter Elite.
2:30 AMLauren Lake's Paternity Court 
A woman seeks to prove her child's paternity.
3:00 AMCouples Court 
A Florida woman accuses her live-in boyfriend of cheating.
3:30 AMPersonal Injury Court 
4:00 AMThe Drew Barrymore Show    new  

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