WTNZ Bounce TV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WTNZ Bounce TV in the Knoxville Area

This is the WTNZ Bounce TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Knoxville Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

12:30 AMAssault on Precinct 13 
A mob besieges a Detroit police station on New Year's Eve in this gritty remake. Ethan Hawke, Laurence Fishburne, Drea de Matteo. Jean-Francois Richet directed.
2:30 AMIn the Heat of the Night 
An ex-prizefighter tries to blackmail a mob boss. Tony Burton, Art Evans, Bob Penny.
3:30 AMThe Game 
Melanie is confronted by a player's jealous wife and accused of trying to steal her man; Derwin is led to believe he is going to get an endorsement deal.
4:00 AMScandal 
Olivia doubts Jake's guilt, so she seeks answers from Tom; Mellie makes a power play; Leo Bergen's new client prompts a quick reaction from Olivia's team; Huck keeps flirting with danger; Elizabeth's surprising ally is revealed.
5:00 AMThe Real 
6:00 AMThe Wendy Williams Show 
7:00 AMNick Cannon 
8:00 AMPersonal Injury Court 
A distraught mother sues for $1.6 million on behalf of her teenage daughter after she falls 10 feet from her balcony during a social media shoot.
8:30 AMPersonal Injury Court 
A woman sues for $158,000 after her neighbor's dogs brutally attack her.
9:00 AMCouples Court 
A Texas woman brings her girlfriend to court to see if her suspicions about cheating are true.
9:30 AMCouples Court 
A private investigator checks to see if a Georgia man is cheating on his fiancée.
10:00 AMCouples Court 
A New York man brings his wife to court on the suspicion that she is cheating on him with other men and women.
10:30 AMCouples Court 
A New York man is brought to court for answers about his rumored cheating ways.
11:00 AMLauren Lake's Paternity Court 
A woman brings three of her lovers to court to determine which man is the father of her daughter.
11:30 AMLauren Lake's Paternity Court 
A woman brings three of her lovers to court to determine which man is the father of her daughter.
12:00 PMLauren Lake's Paternity Court 
After engaging in a threesome, a woman conceives a child but is certain her ex-husband and not his friend is the biological father.
12:30 PMLauren Lake's Paternity Court 
Caylea Woodbury wants to prove that her son is really her fiancé's child.
1:00 PMIn the Heat of the Night 
A bigamist is mysteriously poisoned. Ted Lange, David Orange, Jennifer Bassey.

How to Watch WTNZ Bounce TV

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