WISH Get TV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WISH Get TV in the Lafayette Area

This is the WISH Get TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Lafayette Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

5:00 PMParadise 
George is stricken with smallpox. M.P. Carter, F. William Parker, Nancy Warren.
6:00 PMGood Times 
The Evanses hold a wake for a wino. Ja'net DuBois, Robert Guillaume, Cal Gibson.
6:30 PMGood Times 
Florida tries to earn her diploma. Esther Rolle, John Amos, Ja'net DuBois.
7:00 PMSanford and Son 
Fred claims he's a descendant of King Solomon. Demond Wilson, Don Bexley, LaWanda Page.
7:30 PMSanford and Son 
Fred plans to sell songs to B.B. King. B.B. King, Don Bexley, LaWanda Page.
8:00 PMAll in the Family 
Edith secretly reads a sex manual. Jean Stapleton, Sally Struthers, Rob Reiner.
8:30 PMAll in the Family 
Mike strikes an abusive subway passenger. Nita Talbot, Wynn Irwin, Rob Reiner.
9:00 PMAll in the Family 
The Bunkers attend Lionel's engagement party. Lynn Moody, Kim Hamilton, Charles Aidman.
9:30 PMAll in the Family 
Archie's sure that he has botulism. Joe George, Jane Dulo, Richard Stahl.
10:00 PMSanford and Son 
Grady's engagement depresses Fred. Whitman Mayo, Norma Miller, Redd Foxx.
10:30 PMSanford and Son 
Fred's lured into a sensitivity group session. Redd Foxx, Pat Morita, LaWanda Page, Demond Wilson.
11:00 PMHot in Cleveland 
The ladies play matchmaker for each other for hit-and-miss date nights that include a wealthy bachelor for Elka; and a holier-than-thou type for Melanie.
11:30 PMHot in Cleveland 
Melanie forms a music group to compete in a Battle of the Bands contest, an idea embraced by Joy, who pursues her childhood dream of becoming a rock star.
12:00 AMHot in Cleveland 
Melanie thinks Joy may be using drugs; Elka gives Victoria tips on portraying an older character for a musical version of "Driving Miss Daisy."
12:30 AMHot in Cleveland 
The women hope dancing will help them lose weight, but first must find gay men to accompany them; Elka resumes a feud with an old rival.
1:00 AMMarried...With Children 
Conclusion. Al makes a run for it. Ed O'Neill, Katey Sagal.
1:30 AMMarried...With Children 
Al builds a private room. Frank Lloyd, Rick Scarry, Ed O'Neill, Katey Sagal.
2:00 AMMarried...With Children 
Kelly becomes a pool shark to earn money for a dress to wear to the "Miss Cheese" competition. James Paradise, Christina Applegate.
2:30 AMMarried...With Children 
The guys search for the perfect maid. Katey Sagal, Ted McGinley, Amanda Bearce, Ed O'Neill.
3:00 AMMarried...With Children 
Peggy visits her country cousins, who don't cotton to her ways. William Sanderson, Joey Lauren Adams. Peggy: Katey Sagal.
3:30 AMMarried...With Children 
Eyeglasses give Al a new outlook on life. Ed O'Neill, David Faustino, Christina Applegate, Katey Sagal.
4:00 AM'Til Death 
Joy wants Eddie to buy her an engagement ring after hearing the Woodcocks' engagement story.
4:30 AM'Til Death 
Jeff's mother visits, and Eddie manages to drive a wedge between her and Steph. So Jeff must choose: his mother or his wife.
5:00 AMAll in the Family 
Burglars break in on the Bunkers. Cleavon Little, Demond Wilson, Carroll O'Connor.

How to Watch WISH Get TV

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