WTVQ Grit TV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WTVQ Grit TV in the Lexington Area

This is the WTVQ Grit TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Lexington Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

10:00 AMThe Virginian 
An exiled Canadian revolutionary is pressured to lead a new revolt. Ricardo Montalban, Lois Nettleton, Pierre Jalbert.
12:00 PMThe Virginian 
A cowhand tries to capitalize on his resemblance to a notorious outlaw. Don Stroud, Amy Thompson, Sandy Kenyon, James Drury.
2:00 PMLaramie 
To save seriously wounded Jess, Marshal Branch McGary (David McLean) must bring the rancher to a town controlled by a man bent on killing McGary. Buckner: Robert J. Wilke. Jess: Robert Fuller. Carlton: William Bryant. Patches: Reginald Gardiner. Buckner: Dennis Patrick.
3:00 PMLaramie 
Jess helps a youth search for his father, a gunman who deserted him years before. McCall: John Anderson. Skip: Stephen Barringer. Annie: Jean Byron. Jess: Robert Fuller. Slim: John Smith. Daisy: Spring Byington. Mike: Dennis Holmes.
4:00 PMLaramie 
The tables are turned on Slim (John Smith), who starts out escorting an outlaw to jail---and ends up imprisoned in a cave. Walker: Jim McMullen. Ginny: Yvonne Craig. McBain: Edgar Buchanan. Jess: Robert Fuller. Walker: Gregg Palmer. Steeger: Sol Gorss.
5:00 PMTales of Wells Fargo 
Posing as Hardie, an outlaw with a sense of irony robs the Wells Fargo office. Johnson: Kent Taylor. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Shirley: Rush Williams. Pat: Phyllis Coates.
5:30 PMTales of Wells Fargo 
Johnny Ringo (Pau1 Richards) tries desperately to keep his dying sister from finding out that he's an outlaw. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Ruth: June Kirby.
6:00 PMTales of Wells Fargo 
Outlaws try to prevent three saloon dancers, en route to a murder trial, from reaching their destination. Kelly: Virginia Field. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Molly: Dawn Wells. Sunset: Lisa Gaye. Kalo: Michael Pate. Beau: Jack Ging. Fragg: Hank Patterson. Jeb: William Demarest. Benson: Earl Hansen.
7:00 PMTales of Wells Fargo 
The company has a mean competitor in Effie Sutton (Claire Du Brey). She owns a town and will do anything to keep Wells Fargo out. Sue: Sue George. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Hepburn: Tyler MacDuff. Sayers: Carlyle Mitchell.
7:30 PMTales of Wells Fargo 
Stagecoach passengers depend on Hardie to protect them from hostile Indians. Keel: Robert Lowery. Maynard: Bing Russell. Keener: Jason Johnson. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Kimball: Clark Howat.
8:00 PMBuchanan Rides Alone 
Randolph Scott as an adventurer trying to prevent the hanging of a Mexican boy in a border town. Craig Stevens, Barry Kelley.
10:00 PMRide Lonesome 
A bounty hunter is accompanied by several interesting characters en route to California.
11:30 PMShoot-out at Medicine Bend 
A group of men dole out range justice. Randolph Scott, James Garner, Gordon Jones, James Craig, Angie Dickinson.

How to Watch WTVQ Grit TV

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