WLJC Get TV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WLJC Get TV in the Lexington Area

This is the WLJC Get TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Lexington Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

9:30 AMCuriosity Quest 
All that it takes to become a chef from Tapa Meze's head chef, Colin Collville, is featured.
10:00 AMShane 
Cholera has killed the Staretts' hogs; now Ryker (Bert Freed) is threatening to destroy their wheat crop. Wake: Don Gordon. Shane: David Carradine. Marian: Jill Ireland. Packard: Bill Smithers. Joey: Chris Shea.
11:15 AMHondo 
In an effort to reclaim his stolen Rebel hat, Hondo (Ralph Taeger) copes with renegade Indians, Mexican terrorists---and a woman badly in need of a midwife. Diablo: Jack Elam. Mrs. Hernandez: Linda Dangcil. Chico: Rudy Battaglia. Neomo: Eugene Iglesias.
12:30 PMLaredo 
Reese (Neville Brand), suffering from amnesia, unwittingly sets a trap for a notorious killer. Chad: Peter Brown. Rhodes: Robert Yuro. Joe: William Smith. Parmalee: Philip Carey. Mio: Kathleen Freeman. Luis: Rodolfo Acosta. Marguerita: Stella Garcia.
1:45 PMThe Quest 
The Army refuses to pay a group of black Seminole scouts.
3:00 PMGuns of Paradise 
Ethan's wedding plans are disrupted by outlaws.
4:00 PMHawkeye 
Hawkeye's asked to help free a friend's captured brother-in-law from the French. Lori Ann Triolo, Tom Cavanaugh, Robert Lewis, Lee Horsley.
5:00 PMBret Maverick 
Tom is sentenced to death for a 20-year-old murder. Savannah Smith, Paul Koslo, Ed Bruce, James Garner, Darleen Carr.
6:00 PMBret Maverick 
A writer proposes to immortalize in print the man who can kill Maverick. Joseph Sirola, Kario Salem, Ross Hagen.
7:00 PMWalker, Texas Ranger 
Part 1 of two. A wealthy family is murdered by a costumed gang out to extort millions from others. Stephen McHattie, Mike Rad.
8:00 PMWalker, Texas Ranger 
Mercenaries pursue Walker and Alex to prevent them from delivering evidence against a killer. Stephen McHattie.
9:00 PMWalker, Texas Ranger 
Extortionists threaten Dallas with anthrax. J. Kenneth Campbell, Grant Albrecht, Greg Winne.

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