WLEX Court TV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WLEX Court TV in the Lexington Area

This is the WLEX Court TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Lexington Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

8:30 AMIt Takes a Killer    new  
The disappearance of a wealthy retiree in South Florida quickly turns from a missing person's case to a full-blown homicide investigation focused around an unexpected perpetrator and her convoluted plan to get away with murder.
9:00 AMIt Takes a Killer    new  
A custody battle and the disappearance of one of the parents are investigated by authorities, who uncover a seemingly premeditated murder and an attempt to cover it up.
9:30 AMIt Takes a Killer    new  
A brutal killing at a construction site is investigated by authorities in suburban Fort Worth in a case that includes months of interviews and extensive forensic analysis.
10:00 AMThe FBI Files    new  
Bank robberies in the Midwest in which pipe bombs were used are examined. Included: how the FBI cracked the case.
11:00 AMThe FBI Files    new  
A woman is abducted, murdered and robbed of her $5000 winnings from an evening gambling at a Mississippi casino.
12:00 PMThe FBI Files    new  
A bank robbery in California nets nearly $8 million and provides law enforcement with few clues.
1:00 PMThe FBI Files    new  
A parole officer is found dead in his car with a fatal gunshot wound in New York City.
2:00 PMJudgment With Ashleigh Banfield    new  
3:00 PMJudgment With Ashleigh Banfield    new  
4:00 PMCorrupt Crimes    new  
A doctor who treats elderly female patients is accused of giving them lethal injections.
4:30 PMCorrupt Crimes    new  
The Arizona shooting that resulted in six deaths and left Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is spotlighted.
5:00 PMCorrupt Crimes    new  
An elderly Utah man goes missing, and investigators unearth a complex crime involving kidnapping, betrayal and a shocking murder committed by a father and son.
5:30 PMCorrupt Crimes    new  
A gruesome Texas murder sees a man nearly beheaded and a woman left semi-nude with multiple stabbing wounds from a pickaxe, and police zero in on an unlikely suspect who ends up being the killer.
6:00 PMIt Takes a Killer    new  
A self-taught serial killer targets victims at random and murders them with "kill kits."
6:30 PMIt Takes a Killer    new  
The vanishing of a father in California is investigated.
7:30 PMIt Takes a Killer    new  
Cops investigate the carjacking of a husband and wife in East Los Angeles, only to discover that the ambush was a ruse to kill the husband for insurance money.
8:00 PMForensic Files    new  
The 1991 disappearance of Colorado teen Heather Dawn Church is recalled. Church's remains were found two years later on a remote Colorado road.
8:30 PMForensic Files    new  
The 1991 murder of Heather Stigliano is recalled. She was killed by James Bernard Whipple during a robbery.

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