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Live TV schedule for KLKN Grit TV in the Lncln & Hstngs

This is the KLKN Grit TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Lncln & Hstngs. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

9:00 PMKansas Raiders 
The violent adventures of Jesse James (Audie Murphy). Brian Donlevy, Scott Brady, Tony Curtis, Richard Long, Richard Arlen.
11:00 PMTall Man Riding 
After being beaten and run out of town by a land baron, Larry Madden returns, seeking vengeance.
1:00 AMSaddle the Wind 
An ex-gunfighter hopes to go clean by becoming a rancher, but must deal with his violent brother.
3:00 AMBoy Scouts: The Sex Abuse Coverup 
Claims and secret records show thousands of children in Boy Scouts of America programs were sexually abused by Scoutmasters and volunteers in the organization. For decades, the BSA knew abuse was happening and failed to warn or protect children.
3:30 AMNEW Larry King 
Is Your Credit In Crisis? Watch, As Larry King Interviews Nationally Renowned Credit Expert John Ulzheimer, Who Reveals (1) Weird Trick For Raising Your Credit Scores. If Your Credit Score Is Below 750, Then You Won't Want To Miss This Special Report!
4:00 AMVitamin D Immune 
Advanced Dâ„¢ provides a powerful dose of Vitamin D backed by nutrients that work in tandem with this crucial vitamin to support the health of numerous systems within the body.
5:00 AMZane Grey Theatre 
Joan Crawford plays a widow trying to regain her home after the Civil War. Scott Forbes, Don Grady.
5:30 AMZane Grey Theatre 
A new marshal is unnerved by his town's peaceful atmosphere. Edmond O'Brien, Rita Lynn.
6:00 AMDeath Valley Days 
A man breaks out of jail in order to stop a woman's wedding. Ed Nelson, Laura Shelton, John Clarke.
6:30 AMDeath Valley Days 
Army doctor Walter Reed shelters an Apache chief's granddaughter. Jeffrey Hunter, Aneta Corsaut, Lenice Heywood.
7:00 AMComanche Station 
A cowboy rescues a woman who was kidnapped by Comanches. They must contend with greedy bounty hunters after the woman's hefty reward set by her husband.
9:00 AMThe Virginian 
Trampas wants to know why Amanda Harley is surrounded by a veil of secrecy. Valora Noland, Doug McClure, Warren Stevens.

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