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Live TV schedule for NET WORLD in the Lncln & Hstngs

This is the NET WORLD TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Lncln & Hstngs. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

8:00 AMForgotten Fame: The Marion Miley Story 
Chronicles the life and tragic death of famed Lexington golfer Marion Miley.
9:00 AMThe Rise and Fall of the Brown Buffalo 
A documentary about Oscar Zeta Acosta (1935-74), a radical Chicano lawyer, author and countercultural icon who was the basis for the character Dr. Gonzo in Hunter S. Thompson's "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas."
10:00 AMConsuelo Mack WealthTrack 
10:30 AMSecond Opinion 
Vaccines save lives, but some parents believe that vaccines are linked to childhood conditions.
11:00 AMFrontline: The Choice 2020: Trump vs. Biden 
1:00 PMThe Vote: American Experience 
Explore the final four years, 1916-1920, of the campaign for the passage of the 19th amendment and meet some of the unsung women whose tireless work would finally ban discrimination at American polls on the basis of sex.
2:00 PMThe War 
The final months of World War II are chronicled. Included: the death of FDR; Germany's surrender; the dropping of two atomic bombs on Japan.
4:30 PMWashington Week 
5:00 PMFocus on Europe    new  
5:30 PMThe Migrant Kitchen 
Charles Namba and Courtney Kaplan, the couple behind Echo Park's Tsubaki, have always loved the culture of izakaya but found L.A. lacking in these Japanese taverns.
6:00 PMPBS NewsHour Weekend    new  
6:30 PMConsider This... 
Issues of concern to the Omaha community are discussed.
7:00 PMVoces on PBS 
Recalling the 1955 film "Giant" and how it impacted the West Texas town of Marfa, where it was shot. The movie was one of the first to explore the racial divide between Anglos and Mexican-Americans in the Southwest U.S.

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