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Live TV schedule for KOLN MYTV in the Lncln & Hstngs

This is the KOLN MYTV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Lncln & Hstngs. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

5:00 AMThe Powers of Matthew Star 
Matthew must elude alien assassins while coping with trials of the sort reserved for any new kid in school. Peter Barton, Louis Gossett Jr. Cindy: Maylo McCaslin. Float: Judson Scott. Pam: Amy Steel.
6:00 AMSaved by the Bell 
A class argument helps Miss Bliss. Hayley Mills, Dustin Diamond, Mark-Paul Gosselaar.
6:30 AMSaved by the Bell 
Screech goes too far pulling a prank on Miss Bliss. Hayley Mills. Dustin Diamond.
7:00 AMSaved by the Bell 
A costume ball may be Zack and Kelly's last dance. Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen.
7:30 AMSaved by the Bell 
Zack breaks up with Kelly. Mark-Paul Gosselaar.
8:00 AMSaved by the Bell 
Jessie's stepbrother arrives. Part 1 of two. Elizabeth Berkley.
8:30 AMSaved by the Bell 
Conclusion. Zack attempts to repair Mr. Belding's car. Dennis Haskins, Mark-Paul Gosselaar.
9:00 AMThe Flintstones 
Barney saves a baby, but Fred gets the credit, which he is only too happy to accept, until Wilma discovers what really happened and puts pressure on him to own up to the truth.
9:30 AMThe Flintstones 
An overworked Wilma persuades Fred to hire a maid to help out around the house, but the new helper quits on the day that Wilma has promised to lend her to Betty for an important party.
10:00 AMThe Flintstones 
With Wilma expecting a baby, her mother decides to visit, so Fred tries to be on his best behavior, but his cantankerous, opinionated mother-in-law doesn't make it easy for him.
10:30 AMThe Jetsons 
The superintendent deactivates his robotic assistant, which breaks Rosey's heart.
11:00 AMThe Brady Bunch 
The Bradys prepare for talent night. Maureen McCormick, Florence Henderson, Robert Reed, Barbara Morrison, Allan Melvin.
11:30 AMThe Brady Bunch 
Jan wishes to be an only child and is subsequently snubbed by her siblings. Eve Plumb, Florence Henderson, Robert Reed.
12:00 PMThe Brady Bunch 
Greg doesn't want to be an architect like Dad. Barry Williams, Robert Reed.
12:30 PMThe Brady Bunch 
Alice quits after the kids label her a snitch, only to be replaced by a morose maid named Kay. Mary Treen, Snag Werris, Harry G. Crigger.
1:00 PMGilligan's Island 
Gilligan finds radioactive vegetables. Dawn Wells, Russell Johnson, Tina Louise.
1:30 PMGilligan's Island 
A movie producer crashes near the island. Phil Silvers, Tina Louise, Alan Hale, Dawn Wells, Jim Backus.
2:00 PMGilligan's Island 
A witch doctor casts a spell on the castaways. Eddie Little Sky, Bob Denver, Alan Hale, Russell Johnson, Dawn Wells.
2:30 PMGilligan's Island 
Howell makes the others heirs---then doesn't. Jim Backus, Tina Louise, Bob Denver, Dawn Wells, Russell Johnson.
3:00 PMGilligan's Island 
A butterfly buff flits on the island. John McGiver, Tina Louise, Dawn Wells, Alan Hale.
3:30 PMGilligan's Island 
Gilligan may have an aging disease. Bob Denver, Russell Johnson, Tina Louise.
4:00 PMMama's Family 
Mama looks for treasure in the house. Ken Berry, Allan Kayser, Vicki Lawrence.
4:30 PMMama's Family 
A tap-dance class becomes a hot ticket with Mama's help. Marguerite Hickey, Betty Bunch, Earl Bullock.
5:00 PMThe Love Boat 
On board: the ship's boutique operator and her three fianc├ęs; a customs agent. Juliet Mills, Eddie Mekka, Sylvia Sidney.

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