KOLN H&I TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for KOLN H&I in the Lncln & Hstngs

This is the KOLN H&I TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Lncln & Hstngs. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

5:00 PMRenegade 
Dutch Dixon's son sets out to destroy him. Steven Flynn, Gloria Loring, Stephen J. Cannell.
6:00 PMBlack Sheep Squadron 
A mechanic and an enemy ace torment the Black Sheep. Red West, Robert Conrad.
7:00 PMTour of Duty 
Taylor is pressured to reenlist just before he's scheduled to go home. Marshall Bell, Glenn Plummer, Miguel A. Nunez Jr. Glenn Plummer.
8:00 PMCombat! 
A new recruit stirs North-South tensions. Jonathan Bolt, Vic Morrow, Rick Jason.
9:00 PMThe Rat Patrol 
Troy chances an uneasy truce with the Germans to save a little girl trapped in a well. Troy: Christopher George. Bruener: Joseph Turkel. Dietrich: Hans Gudegast. Marisha: Anna Mizrahi. Moffitt: Gary Raymond. Kiri: Mazgot Jane. Hitchcock: Lawrence Casey.
9:30 PMThe Rat Patrol 
Minus their jeeps and water, the Rat Patrol plays a game of cat and mouse to escape Captain Dietrich (Hans Gudegast). Troy: Christopher George. Moffitt: Gary Raymond. Pettigrew: Justin Tarr.
10:00 PM12 O'clock High 
A crewmember planning to become an actor is disfigured on a mission. Robert Drivas, Robert Lansing, Janine Gray.
11:00 PMHill Street Blues 
Howard is demoted; Joyce tries to mediate between public defenders and city council. James B. Sikking, Robert Clohessy, Megan Gallagher.
12:00 AMHill Street Blues 
Furillo looks into rumors of internal racial problems in Ray's precinct. George Wyner, Veronica Hamel, Rene Enriquez.
1:00 AMPolice Story 
A vice cop is dedicated to his ice-skating champion daughter. David Spielberg, Allan Miller, James Cromwell, Lindsay Bloom.
2:00 AMPolice Story 
A homicidal mugger targets elderly woman. Howard Duff, Bernie Casey, George Maharis.
3:00 AMPolice Story 
An interception of a drug courier leads to a unauthorized, risky try for an arrest. Robert Goulet, David Groh, Robert Symonds, Ray Girardin, Hector Elias.
4:00 AMThe Green Hornet 
The Hornet tries to smash a Chinatown protection racket. Tom Drake, Mako, Van Williams, Bruce Lee.
4:30 AMThe Green Hornet 
Big-game hunters are bagging the city's top racketeers. Robert Strauss, Charles Bateman, Van Williams.
5:00 AMThe Adventures of Superman 
A cunning criminal defies Superman's X-ray vision by lining his walls with lead. George Reeves. Lois: Noel Neill.
5:30 AMThe Adventures of Superman 
Jimmy dreams that he and Lois have super powers. George Reeves. Jimmy: Jack Larson. Lois: Noel Neill.

How to Watch KOLN H&I

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