AETN World TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for AETN World in the Little Rck

This is the AETN World TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Little Rck. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

8:00 AMMilitary Family Documentary: While Time Stands Still 
The lives of military families during wartime and the impact war has on families are chronicled.
9:00 AMLocal, USA 
9:30 AMStories From the Stage 
10:00 AMReel South 
The Clinton, Mississippi Attaché Show Choir is considered to be among the most successful in history. In a region where arts and music funding have been virtually demolished and attitudes to popular music have been slow to change, Clinton public school's music programs manage to thrive. Composed of students from different backgrounds, Attaché unites generations of performers and newcomers to travel across the country and compete a heart-pounding routine.
11:00 AMButterfly Town, USA 
The work of butterfly enthusiasts in Monterey County, Cal., to attract monarch butterlies to the Monarch Butterfly Grove Sanctuary in Pacific Grove is documented.
11:30 AMSciGirls 
The San Diego habitat.
12:00 PMNature 
How cats have conquered the world, thriving in almost every landscape on Earth, from fishing cats in the wetlands of Asia, to a pregnant jaguar in Costa Rica, to margays in Central American treetops, to a swamp tiger on the Indian shore.
1:00 PMThe Vietnam War 
The Watergate scandal rivets Americans' attention and forces President Nixon to resign; and the Vietnamese continue to savage one another in a brutal civil war.
3:00 PMAfrica's Great Civilizations 
Part 4 of 6. A look at Africa's greatest ancient cities, including Kilwa, Great Zimbabwe and Benin City.
4:00 PMNHK Newsline 
A look at business and global current events.
4:30 PMDW News 
European and international news.
5:00 PMFrance 24 
A French newscast.
5:30 PMBBC World News America    new  
A comprehensive news bulletin and analysis-based show.
6:00 PMAmerica ReFramed 
An examination of the Chinese-American sport of 9-man, following several teams through the course of a season.
7:58 PMAmerica ReFramed 
The history behind Vietnamese nail salons in the United States is spotlighted, including the steady hold Vietnamese-Americans have on the $8 billion multiethnic nail economy.

How to Watch AETN World

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