KARZ ION TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for KARZ ION in the Little Rck

This is the KARZ ION TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Little Rck. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

6:00 AMThe Listener 
Toby gathers information from a traumatized rape victim whose attacker Marks failed to convict in the past. During his probe, Toby discovers Marks may have a deeper connection to the case.
7:00 AMThe Listener 
Toby works with a teen who was left unable to speak after the death of his parents in an attempt to discover what happened during the accident that killed them.
8:00 AMThe Listener 
Toby works on a missing-person case in hopes of receiving a $100,000 reward, which he wants to use to save the nearly bankrupt restaurant owned by Oz's family. The case, however, proves more complicated than Toby anticipated.
9:00 AMThe Listener 
Toby suspects foul play in the death of a patient who was convicted of embezzlement.
10:00 AMCriminal Minds 
Frozen bodies are discovered in Nevada floating in water and a cult is suspected. Meanwhile, JJ confronts some old demons from her abduction and torture last year.
11:00 AMCriminal Minds 
The BAU searches Tallahassee for a serial killer who calls authorities to report his crimes prior to committing them. Meanwhile, Rossi receives upsetting news about the death of a comrade in Vietnam.
12:00 PMCriminal Minds 
The team look at one of Rossi and Gideon's old cases to solve a current one and catch a killer who got away with murder.
1:00 PMCriminal Minds 
A coffee shop in Indianapolis is blown up and a hero emerges from the destruction. The BAU investigates and tries to protect the man and his family, while they search for the culprit and try to prevent any further incidents.
2:00 PMCriminal Minds 
The BAU hunt for an UnSub who may have witnessed abuse as a child. Meanwhile, Kate grows concerned when her niece arranges to meet a boy she met online.
3:00 PMCriminal Minds 
Two guards are murdered at a privatized maximum security prison in Texas. The investigation reveals the suspects may be in the prison.
4:00 PMCriminal Minds 
The BAU hunt a serial killer in Wisconsin and try to find a connection between the victims so they can profile and identify the UnSub. Meanwhile, Kate experiences trouble dealing with her niece when she starts acting out.
5:00 PMCriminal Minds 
A congressman's wife disappears and the BAU investigates her husband's political enemies as possible suspects.
6:00 PMCriminal Minds 
A family of four are abducted in Barbados while on vacation. The BAU is called to assist the International Unit. Their joint investigation reveals the case matches one the BAU investigated last year in Florida.

How to Watch KARZ ION

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