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Live TV schedule for qubo in the Los Angeles Area

This is the qubo TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Los Angeles Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

4:00 AMJerry and the Raiders 
Nicole and Raiders discover a dangerous bumbler while watering the garden.
4:30 AMJerry and the Raiders 
The Galactic Raiders, Bakko and Gant magically come to life to investigate a mysterious sound coming from down the hall.
5:00 AMCosmic Quantum Ray 
Robbie is entrusted with a device containing a baby universe. Trouble brews when Scott Stotz accidentally downloads it into his head and Professor Evil Brainhead comes looking for it.
5:30 AMCosmic Quantum Ray 
Team Quantum must help Olga protect a powerful device that creates anything the user asks for.
6:00 AMCosmic Quantum Ray 
Alien squirrels capture Chip Monahan and turn him into an alien squirrel master.
6:30 AMCosmic Quantum Ray 
The Team Quantum attempts to stop Contessa De Worm from turning all coals into diamonds.
7:00 AMCosmic Quantum Ray 
Bucketworth builds Rob-O, a robot duplicate of Robbie. Chaos ensues when Allison's art class sculpture causes the robot to turn evil.
7:30 AMCosmic Quantum Ray 
Quantum Ray poses as the school bus driver for Robbie and the Science Club's field trip. The bus, however, winds up captured at Area 52, where government agents intend to imprison Team Quantum.
8:00 AMBeing Ian 
Tyrone becomes a celebrity after he stars in TV commercials directed by Ian.
8:30 AMBeing Ian 
Ian imagines himself as famous historical figures.
9:00 AMBeing Ian 
Ian sends his brother on a fake treasure hunt, but this leaves no one at the family store during a surprise sale.
9:30 AMBeing Ian 
Kyle wants to impress a girl, so he asks Ian to make a film about her.
10:00 AMBeing Ian 
Ian rebuilds a piano for a well-known pianist in exchange for concert tickets to give to his parents as a surprise.
10:30 AMBeing Ian 
Ian makes a commercial for his dad, but everyone in his family wants to be the director.
11:00 AMGrossology 
Season 2 opens with a case of sibling rivalry when Insectiva fights her sister Arachnidia in an epic bug battle downtown.
11:30 AMGrossology 
Someone's filling the sewers with alligators, which are making their way to people's toilets.
12:00 PMGrossology 
Abby suffers from vertigo after Lance Boil inserts a device in her ear that allows him to control her every move.
12:30 PMGrossology 
Sloppy Joe opens a fast-food joint with portions so big that half the food is thrown away, creating a garbage overload in the city.
1:00 PMGrossology 
The Grossologists tangle with a former hair stylist who has a space satellite that could make everyone in the world go bald.
1:30 PMGrossology 
A body-odor epidemic hits during a heat wave.
2:00 PMClass of the Titans 
Cronus frees the Kraken to use as bait and draw out Poseidon.
2:30 PMClass of the Titans 
Cronus offers help to a Cyclops who was blinded by Odysseus and now wants revenge.
3:00 PMClass of the Titans 
Eros spreads hate on Valentine's Day by using arrows blackened by Cronus' rage, prompting Jay to reconvene the gang to stop him.
3:30 PMClass of the Titans 
A Chimera kills Jay, and his friends rush through the underworld to find a way to bring him back to life. Meanwhile, Cronus plans for his ascension.
4:00 PMClass of the Titans 
Talos threatens the island when it's reconstructed.

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