Antenna TV 12.2 KDRV Classics TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for Antenna TV 12.2 KDRV Classics in the Mdfrd

This is the Antenna TV 12.2 KDRV Classics TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Mdfrd. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

2:00 AMSoap 
Jessica catches El with a hooker. Gregory Sierra, Katherine Helmond, Billy Crystal. Richard Mulligan.
2:30 AMSoap 
Chester is impotent. Richard Mulligan, Cathryn Damon, Ted Wass. Katherine Helmond.
3:00 AMAlice 
Vera gets hooked on the soaps. Linda Lavin, Beth Howland, Vic Tayback.
3:30 AMAlice 
Mel's mother wants to publish his secret chili recipe in her new cookbook. Martha Raye, Vic Tayback, Beth Howland.
4:00 AMBarney Miller 
Wojo shows concern for an elderly Native American. Charles White Eagle, Alix Elias, Maxwell Gail.
4:30 AMBarney Miller 
Internal Affairs probes the 12th Precinct with a voice analyzer. Philip Roth, Barry Pearl, George Murdock, Allan Rich.
5:00 AMBenson 
Benson's "little brother" runs away. Shavar Ross, Inga Swenson, James Noble.
5:30 AMBenson 
Katie describes the household in an essay. Missy Gold, Inga Swenson, James Noble.
6:00 AMScience World 
6:30 AMWild Wonders 
7:00 AMHazel 
Hazel tries marketing her chili sauce. Lynn Borden, Ed Prentiss, Byron Foulger.
7:30 AMHazel 
Tea-leaf reader Hazel sees trouble for Steve. Ray Fulmer, Guy Raymond, Kathryn Givney, Shirley Booth.
8:00 AMThe Partridge Family 
A rock composer searches for a lyricist. Bobby Sherman, Wes Stern, Dave Madden.
8:30 AMThe Partridge Family 
A pretty (bad) singer auditions for the group. Robyn Millan, Jack Burns.
9:00 AMBarney Miller 
Fish decides to quit the force. Doris Belack, Emily Levine, Abe Vigoda.
9:30 AMBarney Miller 
Two ambitious cops make an unauthorized drug arrest. Jonelle Allen, Nellie Bellflower, Hal Linden, Abe Vigoda.
10:00 AMAlice 
Vera tries to save a tree from being cut down. Diane Ladd, Walter Olkewicz, Marvin Kaplan, Beth Howland.
10:30 AMAlice 
Jerry Reed leaves a trophy fish in the refrigerator. Diane Ladd, Linda Lavin, Beth Howland.
11:00 AMGimme a Break! 
Nell's ex coaxes $1000 from her. Ben Powers, Dolph Sweet, Lara Jill Miller.
11:30 AMGimme a Break! 
Julie takes Katie's college admission test. Kari Michaelsen, Lauri Hendler, Dolph Sweet, Nell Carter.
12:00 PMToo Close for Comfort 
A derelict shows up for Thanksgiving at the transvestite tenant's. Bill Dana, Deena Freeman, Claude Stroud.
12:30 PMToo Close for Comfort 
A nightmare has Henry videotaping his will. Ted Knight, Chris Lemmon, Deena Freeman, Nancy Dussault.
1:00 PMMy Two Dads 
Both dads go through withdrawal: one from smoking, the other from a woman. Jamie Rose, Paul Reiser, Greg Evigan.
1:30 PMMy Two Dads 
Joey goes to jail over an environmental protest. J.A. Preston, Don Gibb, Stephanie Shroyer, Greg Evigan, Paul Reiser.
2:00 PMSilver Spoons 
Rick plays matchmaker for an unwed mother. Suzanne Snyder, Robert Krantz, Erin Gray, Joel Higgins.

How to Watch Antenna TV 12.2 KDRV Classics

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