KDKF Antenna TV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for KDKF Antenna TV in the Mdfrd

This is the KDKF Antenna TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Mdfrd. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

8:00 PMCoach 
Christine considers a face lift. Bibi Besch, Darlene Vogel.
8:30 PMCoach 
Hayden tries to recruit a halfback. Bill Cobbs, Reggie McFadden.
9:00 PMArchie Bunker's Place 
9:30 PMArchie Bunker's Place 
Barney takes Archie to a singles club. Allan Melvin, Marla Adams, Nancy Jeris.
10:00 PMMaude 
Walter protests Maude's state-senate candidacy by moving to a singles complex. Bill Macy, Beatrice Arthur, Conrad Bain.
10:30 PMMaude 
The Findlays separate and discuss divorce. Beatrice Arthur, Bill Macy, Conrad Bain.
11:00 PMThree's Company 
The girls think Jack's "older woman" is in her 60s. Irene Tedrow, Claudette Nevins, John Ritter, Norman Fell.
11:30 PMThree's Company 
Roper eavesdrops on the trio through a pipe. Norman Fell, John Ritter.
12:00 AMFamily Ties 
Mallory's class-project partner is a senior citizen. Julie Harris, Justine Bateman, Marc Price, Michael Gross.
12:30 AMFamily Ties 
Steven and a college chum resurrect their radical '60s newspaper. Sanford Jensen, Raymond Singer, Janice Lynde.
1:00 AMMork & Mindy 
Mindy's friend makes a date with Mork. Morgan Fairchild, Elizabeth Kerr, Conrad Janis, Robin Williams.
1:30 AMMork & Mindy 
A reporter thinks Mindy's hiding an alien. Jeff Altman, Pam Dawber, Conrad Janis.
2:00 AMI Dream of Jeannie 
Jeannie mistakes Tony's secret mission for another woman. Sabrina Scharf, Hayden Rorke, Bill Daily, Larry Hagman.
2:30 AMI Dream of Jeannie 
Jeannie's sister teaches husband-landing. Hayden Rorke, Bill Daily, Larry Hagman, Barbara Eden.
3:00 AMBewitched 
Tabitha's teacher witnesses her witchery. Maudie Prickett, Charles Lane, Erin Murphy, Elizabeth Montgomery.
3:30 AMBewitched 
Darrin ascribes Sam's ad ideas to sorcery. J. Edward McKinley, Dick Sargent, Agnes Moorehead, Elizabeth Montgomery.
4:00 AMThe Jack Benny Show 
4:30 AMThe Jack Benny Show 
Clint Walker needs a big man to be in his movie, so Jack tries to fit the part. Pat Colby, Ned Miller.
5:00 AMThe George Burns and Gracie Allen Show 
Gracie gets robbed. Gracie Allen, George Burns.
5:30 AMThe George Burns and Gracie Allen Show 
Gracie cuts George from a film. Gracie Allen, George Burns.
6:00 AMFather Knows Best 
An elderly painter restores Betty's faith in human nature.
6:30 AMFather Knows Best 
Bud is not invited to the Sadie Hawkins dance. Billy Gray, Paul Wallace, Robert Young, Jane Wyatt, Elinor Donahue.
7:00 AMDennis the Menace 
Dennis (Jay North) suspects Mrs. Elkins is under a witch's spell. Mr. Wilson: Gale Gordon. Mrs. Elkins: Irene Tedrow. Henry: Herbert Anderson. Alice: Gloria Henry. Mrs. Wilson: Sylvia Field.
7:30 AMDennis the Menace 
Dennis falls for a little Chinese girl who's visiting the Wilsons. Dennis: Jay North. Sen Yuen: Cherylene Lee. Mr. Yuen: Arthur Wong. Mr. Wilson: Gale Gordon.
8:00 AMHazel 
Harold's friend is put in an advanced class. Pat Cardi, Mala Powers, Bobby Buntrock, Shirley Booth.

How to Watch KDKF Antenna TV

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