KTVL News 10 TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for KTVL News 10 in the Mdfrd

This is the KTVL News 10 TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Mdfrd. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

2:07 AMInside Edition 
A syndicated newsmagazine program that features investigative reports, interviews, and others. Anchored by Deborah Norville, each episode presents an assortment of human interest stories that cover topics such as social issues, crime, politics, entertainment news, business, and many others.
2:37 AMRing of Honor Wrestling 
3:30 AMThe Outdoorsman With Buck McNeely 
Buck and his son Max go on South African safari for Springbok and Waterbuck.
4:00 AMArmstrong Williams Show 
4:30 AMTeen Kids News 
Teens who are helping make the world a better place are spotlighted.
5:00 AMCBS Saturday Morning    new  
7:00 AMLucky Dog    new  
A beach-loving lady opens her heart to an anxious dog found at the shelter. But if the match is going to be a success, Petal must be willing to brave the sand, the surf and her adopter's favorite beachside activity, rollerblading.
7:30 AMThe Henry Ford's Innovation Nation    new  
Host Mo Rocca shows us: GPS pods disguised as sea turtle eggs to help catch egg poachers; a new way of timing a timer; the self-cleaning door handle; and when the drop-top convertible became the coolest car on the roads.
8:00 AMMission Unstoppable    new  
A roboticist shows how she can combine her passion for origami with robotics. Then, a chemist shows how you can make bioplastics. And a geologist shows how to test minerals. Plus, a scientist tests stream systems to see what toxins are in them.
8:30 AMHope in the Wild    new  
Two injured painted turtles require surgery at Dartmouth Vet, plus there's a puppy adoption at Homeward Bound.
9:00 AMCollege Football: Auburn at Arkansas 
Auburn at Arkansas. From Razorback Stadium.
12:30 PMCollege Football: Kentucky at Georgia 
Kentucky at Georgia. From Sanford Stadium.

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