WWTW TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WWTW in the Memphis Area

This is the WWTW TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Memphis Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

10:22 PMBlackHawk 
The country-music trio BlackHawk performs in concert. Songs include "Goodbye Says It All," "Every Once in a While" and "I Sure Can Smell the Rain."
10:40 PMTudor Rose 
The story of Lady Jane Grey (Nova Pilbeam), Queen of England for nine days. Cedric Hardwicke, John Mills, Leslie Perrins, Felix Aylmer.
12:00 AMTerry and the Pirates 
12:19 AMTrack of the Moon Beast 
A mineralogist becomes a killer lizard by moonlight. Chase Cordell, Donna Leigh Drake, Gregorio Sala, Patrick Wright. Richard Ashe directed.
1:40 AMDragnet 
The classic cop drama follows the cases of laconic Sgt. Joe Friday and his various sidekicks in storylines drawn from actual case files. Originally a radio vehicle for star Jack Webb, the Emmy-winning series was a pioneer in its realistic depiction of police work, though its staccato, just-the-facts dialogue and voice-over narration became the stuff of parody. The show proved enduringly popular, inspiring a 1954 feature, a 1987 spoof (with Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hanks) and a 2003 ABC revival.
2:06 AMMan With a Camera 
Work's no snap for a freelance New York photographer who spends most of his time fighting crime. Reminiscent of the 1951-52 series `Crime Photographer,' which starred Darren McGavin.
2:32 AMKorea the Big Picture 
3:00 AMThe Whispering Shadow 
3:19 AMKentucky Blue Streak 
A jockey gets mixed up with crooks. Eddie Nugent, Junior Coghlan, Cornelius Keefe, Patricia Scott.
4:18 AMRocky Jones, Space Ranger 
Astronaut Rocky Jones was the captain of the Orbit Jet in this early sci-fi series, joined in his adventures by navigator Vena Ray, ranger Biff Cardoza, and Prof. Newton and his young ward Bobby.
4:44 AMStar Performance 
A neurotic woman (Ida Lupino) feigns invalidism to prevent her husband (Scott Forbes) from leaving her.
5:09 AMFollow That Man 
5:36 AMBorder Phantom 
Bob Steele takes on outlaws smuggling Chinese brides into Mexico. Harley Wood, Don Barclay, Karl Hackett, Miki Morita.
6:37 AMDiver Dan 
6:45 AMAs the City Sleeps 
7:09 AMPopeye 
Classic animation about the pipe-chomping, spinach-eating sailor man and his girlfriend, Olive Oyl, plus Swee'pea and Wimpy (who was forever bumming burger money), and nemesis Brutus. Popeye is known for his boasts `I yam what I yam' and `I'm strong to the finish 'cause I eats me spinach' (which almost made spinach sound appealing). He started in films (and was later portrayed in one by Robin Williams), and lived on after syndication in series like `Popeye & Son' and `The All-New Popeye Hour.'
7:15 AMFreedom Highway Greyhound Ride 
7:37 AMBetty Boop 
7:50 AMThe Cisco Kid 
A derelict needs help when his daughter comes West. Duncan Renaldo, Leo Carrillo.
8:17 AMYosemite Nature Notes Moonbows 
8:25 AMYosemite Nature Notes Behind the Scenes Moonbows 
8:32 AMThe Adventures of Robin Hood 
The exploits of Sherwood Forest's straight arrow and his Merry Men in 12th-century England.
9:02 AMStrange People 
Multiple-murder mystery. John Darrow, Gloria Shea, Hale Hamilton, Wilfred Lucas, J. Frank Glendon.
10:04 AMThe Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet 
TV's longest-running live-action comedy was the brainchild of lawyer-turned-bandleader Ozzie Nelson and began on the radio in 1944.
10:29 AMThe Jack Benny Show 
Well...it only seems like Benny's beloved sketch series ran 39 years. Actually, it ran for 15, debuting in October 1950 on CBS and running until September 1965 (the last season was on NBC). Before TV, of course, the legendary Benny had been a radio fixture for almost 20 years and had made some movies. His secret? Magnificent timing. That's probably why, as Carol Burnett once put it, `he was a timeless kind of funny.'

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