KNDB First Nations Experience TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for KNDB First Nations Experience in the Minot

This is the KNDB First Nations Experience TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Minot. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

2:30 PMFuture History 
Kris and Sarain break down the concepts of the pow wow ceremony and exhibition. They drive to Sarnia to meet knowledge keeper and traditional dancer Jordan White Eye Williams, who shares the history of the pow wow.
3:00 PMSamaqan: Water Stories 
The villages of “Old Town” Kitimaat and Q'ell are visited, home to a small band of Tsimshian who are in the pathway of potential Tanker traffic. They are fighting an active campaign against the Enbridge Northern Gateway project.
3:30 PMunderEXPOSED 
Gracey takes a job shooting photos at the Mudderella event in Whistler, B.C., which is expected to draw thousands of female participants for this obstacle course challenge.
4:00 PMWorking It Out Together 
A dietitian reveals the fat and sugar content in popular snacks; a chef shares quick and healthful recipes. Also: Owisokon and Kwanátá:wi discuss their reasons for taking the challenge.
4:30 PMFrom the Spirit 
Artist Jane Ash Poitras and her works are featured.
5:00 PMThe New Zealanders 
Duck shooters gather at dawn at the White Horse Hotel in central Otago; a couple builds their own house, complete with grass roof; an environmentalist creates his own forest; a family constructs their own power station.
6:00 PMFirst Talk 
Key issues in rural and urban aboriginal communities are discussed.
6:30 PMPeople of the Pines 
The challenges the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians faced while moving forward with economic efforts.
7:00 PMRising Voices/Hothaninpi 
Efforts to save the Lakota language, which is in danger of going extinct, are detailed.
8:00 PMDemocracy Now!    new  
9:00 PMIndian Country Today News    new  
9:30 PMFish Out of Water 
Spotlighting the Huronia Museum in Midland, Ont.
10:00 PMNative Shorts 
Short films are showcased. Included: interviews with the filmmakers.
10:30 PMIndigenous Day Live 2018 
Logan Staats; Ohmy Darling; Kelly Fraser; Midnight Shine; Shawnee.
11:00 PMOllie & Emma 
Two young adults navigate an intercultural relationship despite their well-meaning friends and families.
12:00 AMLighthouse Lesvos 
Lifeguards from around the world help rescue and provide safe passage for refugees in Greece.
1:00 AMGringo Favelado 
A look inside the self-branded Marvellous City.
2:00 AMIndian Pride 
An overview of Native American history, with Dr. Duane Champagne, director of the UCLA American Indian Studies Center.
2:30 AMDown the Mighty River 
Quebec and the James Bay Cree are hooked on hydro-electric power and rely on hydro money.

How to Watch KNDB First Nations Experience

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