WALA Cozi TV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WALA Cozi TV in the Mbl

This is the WALA Cozi TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Mbl. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

7:00 AMMurder, She Wrote 
An editor reads about her kidnapping in a novel.
8:00 AMCharlie's Angels 
Jill poses as a model for a girlie magazine beset by murder and sabotage. Hugh O'Brian, Alan Fudge, Farrah Fawcett-Majors.
9:00 AMThe Bionic Woman 
Jaime defends a pet lion suspected of killing a rancher's cattle. Jack Kelly, William Schallert, Alicia Fleer.
10:00 AMThe Six Million Dollar Man 
Steve is on the spot when the ink vanishes from secret documents he was given. Larry Anderson, Christina Hart, Les Lannom.
11:00 AMEmergency 
Gage falls for an alluring woman who is treated by the paramedics after being hit by a car. Gage: Randolph Mantooth. DeSoto: Kevin Tighe. Valerie: Michele Noval. Ginger: Barbara Nichols. Brackett: Robert Fuller. Barnes: Walter Brooke. Dixie: Julie London.
12:00 PMEmergency 
The paramedics aid a heart-attack victim and rescue persons trapped in a flaming building. Gage: Randolph Mantooth. DeSoto: Kevin Tighe. Woman Driver: Laurie Burton. George Carmody: Stuart Nisbet. Brackett: Robert Fuller. Marilyn: Timothy Blake. Louise Leeds: Yvette Vickers.
1:00 PMHighway to Heaven 
An island is a catalyst for a novelist and his grandson. Lew Ayres, Owen Bush, Laurie Prange, David S. Eisner, Michael Landon.
3:00 PMLittle House on the Prairie 
Mary must find help for injured stagecoach riders. Linwood Boomer, Karen Grassle, Matthew Laborteaux, Melissa Sue Anderson.
4:00 PMLittle House on the Prairie 
Nels recognizes the circus fat lady as his sister. Harriett Gibson, Ken Berry, Billy Barty, Richard Bull.
5:00 PMLittle House on the Prairie 
Mrs. Oleson wants Reverend Alden fired if he weds a widow. Dabbs Greer, Iris Korn, William Schallert, Karen Grassle.
6:00 PMThe Munsters 
A rock group sublets the Munster home. The Standells, Alex Gerry, Fred Gwynne.
6:30 PMThe Munsters 
The Munster house is set to be demolished. Bert Freed, Joey Scott, Fred Gwynne.
7:00 PMFrasier 
Frasier works on Christmas day. Katheryn Danielle, John Finn, Hawthorne James.
7:30 PMFrasier 
Frasier's son comes to town for Christmas, but the presents for him are lost in the mail. Luke Tarsitano, Kelsey Grammer.

How to Watch WALA Cozi TV

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