WFXB Start TV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WFXB Start TV in the Myrtl Beach

This is the WFXB Start TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Myrtl Beach. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

3:00 AMThe Division 
A recovering drug addict kidnaps her child from foster care and claims she did it to rescue her from abuse in the home. Amy Jo Johnson.
4:00 AMFamily Law 
A troubled teen makes threats and writes a list of people she wants to see dead. Ron Perlman, Lauren Hodges.
5:00 AMSue Thomas: F.B.Eye 
Jack and Sue investigate a bomb threat at an oil company, which was reported by the security guard---a former FBI agent. Tom Melissis.
6:00 AMDr. Quinn, Medicine Woman 
Race bars Anthony from school. Brandon Hammond, Henry G. Sanders, Jonelle Allen.
7:00 AMDr. Quinn, Medicine Woman 
A deadly outbreak is traced to Mike's clinic. Jane Seymour, Brandon Douglas, Joe Lando.
8:00 AMTouched by an Angel 
Townsfolk think God is speaking to them through a pay phone. Barbara Mandrell, Della Reese, Roma Downey, John Dye.
9:00 AMTouched by an Angel 
Monica tries to help a drug addict, who's also a new mother, find the strength to kick her habit. Alanna Ubach, Mary-Joan Negro.
10:00 AMAny Day Now 
M.E. can't deal with Kelly's “goth” obsession; Rene is sued for malpractice and hires a lawyer with disagreeable tactics to defend her.
11:00 AMMedium 
Conclusion. Allison continues to seek the serial killer as Capt. Push lies in a coma.
12:00 PMMedium 
A popular song that only Allison hears leads her to a clue in the case of a missing student.
1:00 PMCrossing Jordan 
The team investigates the deaths of six firemen in a brush fire; Bug's snazzy new car is destroyed by a falling body; and Macy and Maggie try to help Abby stay in rehab.
2:00 PMCrossing Jordan 
Jordan's neighbor is murdered and his young daughter becomes the target of an assassin. Meanwhile, Macy struggles to deal with a prominent family whose son was in a drunken-driving accident with an unfamiliar woman.
3:00 PMCold Case 
A 1929 murder case is reinvestigated after the victim's great-granddaughter asks for help in solving it; Lilly's mother (Meredith Baxter) shows up and announces she's getting married.

How to Watch WFXB Start TV

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