WLPS Family Channel TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WLPS Family Channel in the Myrtl Beach

This is the WLPS Family Channel TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Myrtl Beach. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

5:20 AMJust Like Mom and Dad 
Parents think it's the questions that are tough until trying their kids' rainbow sprinkle cookies.
5:50 AMMighty Mike 
Mike prepares a sushi dinner to win the heart of Iris.
6:00 AMJohnny Test 
Susan tries to ward off Bling-Bling's unwanted advances with Johnny's help.
6:10 AMJohnny Test 
Johnny wrestles.
6:30 AMJohnny Test 
Johnny squares off against the coldhearted Brain Freezer and his legion of living snowmen.
6:40 AMRainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty 
Felicity and Miguel get into a fight to get back some stolen powers at The Palace of the Perfect; Yana's worried about making a fool of herself in a fancy event.
7:05 AMRainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty 
Felicity and Miguel babysit Timmy's nephew; Mythlandia citizens compete for the Great Mighty Mythic Marathon.
7:20 AMSadie Sparks 
Sadie and Gilbert find a magical box that has been sent from the magical realm, but are given strict instructions by the Wardens not to open it.
7:30 AMBoy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese 
Mum and Dad go out, leaving Boy in charge of the house.
7:40 AMBoy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese 
Boy, Girl, Dog, Cat, Mouse and Cheese agree to a scooter race around the park.
7:50 AMBoss Baby: Back in Business 
Bootsy Calico's villainous plan is ready to go, and Boss Baby recruits his colleagues to help him bring justice to everyone.
8:20 AMMiraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir 
Alix's pals break a watch belonging to her dad, so Alix becomes the evil Timebreaker and goes back in time to prevent the damage, but she causes danger for all when she does this.
8:40 AMMiraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir 
A historian becomes a pharaoh and plans to sacrifice Alya so he can bring back an ancient princess, so Ladybug and Cat Noir battle an army of mummies in an attempt to rescue Alya.
9:10 AMTrolls: The Beat Goes On! 
Poppy and Branch must help Cooper find where he lost Guy Diamond in the woods. Poppy strives to make Branch's favorite treat, no matter the consequences.
9:30 AMRainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty 
A boar who claims to predict the future makes a series of predictions about Miguel that come true; Felicity goes viral doing fun unboxing videos, so a jealous Rudy slips Pandora's Box into her scratching post house.
10:00 AMDespicable Me 2 
Ex-supervillain Gru is adjusting to his new life as a suburban family man when he must come to the rescue and help to catch a fiendish criminal with the help of his new partner Lucy.
11:35 AMThe Boss Baby: Back in Business 
Boss Baby finds his bottom bare during Gigi's new potty training scheme. Tim gets upset at having to look at his naked brother all the time.
12:00 PMAmerican Ninja Warrior Junior 
All-star ninjas Barclay Stockett, Grant McCartney, and Meagan Martin mentor twelve junior ninjas in the sixth qualifier of the tournament.
12:50 PMHole In The Wall: Family Edition 
Family versus Family compete to fit through the Hole In The Wall.
1:20 PMMy Perfect Landing 
Jenny's cousin, Sarah, comes to visit and puts Jenny in a tough spot when she stands up to Olivia.
1:40 PMHolly Hobbie 
Holly ropes Piper and Amy into attending Oscar's music showcase at a club in Sheffield.
2:00 PMThe Bureau of Magical Things 
Imogen hides out in Kyra's room while she, Kyra, Peter, and Ruksy try to learn who stole the Orb.
2:30 PMJust Add Magic 
An anonymous troublemaker casts a spell on the girls that causes any food they touch to spoil. As a result, the friends cannot create a counterspell and must rely on someone unexpected for help.
2:55 PMJohnny Test 
An innocent game turns into a grand battle for household dominance.
3:10 PMJohnny Test 
Johnny transforms into a dog by using the girls' "hum-animal converter."
3:20 PMJohnny Test 
Johnny aims to be a folk hero in the classroom.
3:30 PMBoy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese    new  
Mouse has built a rocket ship with enough power to take people to Mars. Fame-seeker Cheese and excitable Dog decide they want to be the first ones to land on the red planet, so they badger Mouse until he finally says yes.
3:45 PMBoy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese    new  
When the family signs up for neighborhood watch, Dog's siblings think he's taking local law enforcement way too seriously. But when he discovers a cheesy conspiracy afoot, he ends up going down a rabbit hole which leads him too close to home.
4:00 PMSpirit Riding Free 
It's Lucky's first ever camping trip, and she decodes her father's old treasure map. Searching for the fortune, Lucky secretly leaves with Pru, Abigail, and Spirit.
4:30 PMTrolls: The Beat Goes On! 
The gang helps Guy Diamond to search for Nova Swift's next surprise party. Poppy and Archer learn the value trust while lost in the woods.
5:00 PMBoss Baby: Back in Business 
As Tim does some extra work around the area, Boss Baby and Staci stealthily save Jimbo from a cat-infested home.

How to Watch WLPS Family Channel

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