The North Carolina Channel TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for The North Carolina Channel in the Myrtl Beach

This is the The North Carolina Channel TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Myrtl Beach. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

6:00 AMSomewhere South 
Vivian goes on a trip to the Mississippi Delta and farther south to learn that not all dumplings are the same. Whether filled with minced meat, chopped veggies, or nothing at all, they stretch people's ingredients and people's imaginations.
7:00 AMCarolina Outdoor Journal 
Tips on hunting, fishing and game cooking in North Carolina.
7:30 AMExpeditions With Patrick McMillan 
An exploration of Catalina Island highlights its unique wildlife and plants.
8:00 AMExploring North Carolina 
This series examines North Carolina's natural resources.
8:30 AMSci Nc 
9:00 AMNorth Carolina Weekend 
This series highlights travel destinations in the state.
9:30 AMNcimpact 
10:00 AMCarolina Business Review 
Financial issues of interest to North and South Carolina residents are examined, including current business activities, real estate developments, and trade and commerce news.
10:30 AMThe Open Mind 
11:00 AMThe Woodwright's Shop 
Shaker craftsmen.
11:30 AMEcoSense for Living 
Featuring some substitute to fast fashion, including clothes made from landfill scraps; upcycled vintage clothes; and more.
12:00 PMTo Dine For With Kate Sullivan 
Katori Hall planned to be an actress until a fateful assignment at Harvard changed her direction. Instead, she became a playwright.
12:30 PMtasteMAKERS 
Yoshihiro Sakto uses Japnese methods to brew sake using rice that grows on the Rue and Forsman ranch in the Sacramento valley.
1:00 PMExploring North Carolina 
This series examines North Carolina's natural resources.
1:30 PMExpeditions With Patrick McMillan 
An exploration of Catalina Island highlights its unique wildlife and plants.
2:00 PMSci Nc 
2:30 PMStory in the Public Square 
A spotlight on Kathy Kortes-Millerin and her new book, “Talking About Death Won't Kill You”.
3:00 PMTo the Contrary With Bonnie Erbé    new  
3:30 PMFiring Line With Margaret Hoover 
4:00 PMFront Row With Marc Rotterman 
4:30 PMNC Spin 
An array of panelists have a weekly roundtable discussion.
5:00 PMReconstruction: America After The Civil War 
Conclusion. The rise of Jim Crow during the years of 1877-1896 is recalled. Southern sharecropping, convict leasing, disfranchisement and lynchings drew a "color line" limiting opportunities and destroying lives.
5:30 PMWashington Week 
6:00 PMClassic Gospel 

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