WOLO Heroes & Icons TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WOLO Heroes & Icons in the Myrtl Beach

This is the WOLO Heroes & Icons TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Myrtl Beach. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

11:00 PM12 O'clock High 
When Savage's plane is downed, Gallagher takes command. Claudine Longet, Robert Colbert, Paul Burke.
12:00 AMHill Street Blues 
Esterhaus prepares to marry his fiancée. Dan Hedaya, Michael Conrad, Michael Tucker, Bruce Weitz. Robert Hirschfeld.
1:00 AMHill Street Blues 
Part 1 of two. A narc faces manslaughter charges after he shoots a youth. Kiel Martin, Charles Hallahan, Michael Warren.
2:00 AMPolice Story 
A detective is too busy, while his wife isn't busy enough. William Shatner, Michael Learned, Dean Stockwell.
3:00 AMPolice Story 
A bus terminal is threatened by a bomber. Tony Lo Bianco, Donna Mills, Don Meredith, Dane Clark.
4:00 AMPolice Story 
An officer must return to duty with a prosthetic hook in place of his hand. David Birney, Richard Egan, Dennis Cole.
5:00 AMThe Green Hornet 
A firebug terrorizes the city. Gerald S. O'Loughlin, Van Williams, Bruce Lee.
5:30 AMThe Green Hornet 
Ex-soldiers commandeer a tank to bust a buddy out of jail. Ralph Meeker, Raymond St. Jacques, Paul Carr, John Baer.
6:00 AMThe Adventures of Superman 
A criminal confounds Superman by sealing himself inside a huge cube. George Reeves. Lois: Noel Neill. Jimmy: Jack Larson.
6:30 AMThe Adventures of Superman 
Lois, Jimmy and a scientist are imperiled by an atomic test. George Reeves. Lois: Noel Neill. Jimmy: Jack Larson.
7:00 AMBatman 
Part 1. The Dynamic Duo fight King Tut. Victor Buono, Adam West, Ziva Rodann.
7:30 AMBatman 
King Tut readies the Theban pebble torture. Victor Buono, Ziva Rodan, Donald Barry.
8:00 AMTravel Thru History 
Buffalo and Niagara Falls.
8:30 AMThe Science Zone 
9:00 AMHidden Heroes 
Behind-the-scenes with racing pit crews.
9:30 AMHidden Heroes 
Behind-the-scenes with racing pit crews.
10:00 AMWalking Wild 
A newborn giraffe and Galapagos tortoises are featured.
10:30 AMUncaged 
11:00 AMThe Adventures of Superman 
Superman tries to rescue a miner held captive by a gangster. George Reeves. Lois: Noel Neill. Perry: John Hamilton.
11:30 AMThe Adventures of Superman 
Superman reveals his secret identity to save Lois and Jimmy. George Reeves. Lois: Noel Neill. Jimmy: Jack Larson.

How to Watch WOLO Heroes & Icons

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