WNIN Create TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WNIN Create in the Nashville Area

This is the WNIN Create TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Nashville Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

1:00 PMPati's Mexican Table 
1:30 PMPati's Mexican Table 
Pati travels into the mountains of Sinaloa to the tiny village of Jinetes, meeting the small population who live on whatever the land gives them.
2:00 PMPati's Mexican Table 
Features some fresh talent who is joining Baja's exciting culinary movement.
2:30 PMPati's Mexican Table 
Sweet potato and black bean tamales; and avocado, watercress and pecan salad.
3:00 PMPati's Mexican Table 
3:30 PMPati's Mexican Table 
Pati visits Altata with locals and chefs as the town embarks on a journey to reinvent itself.
4:00 PMMy Greek Table With Diane Kochilas 
The native island of Ikaria is featured. A hardy eggplant dish and a rich plant-based feast is cooked. Recipes include longevity greens pies; chickpeas baked with vegetables, herbs and honey; and soufico, a sumptuous eggplant casserole.
4:30 PMSimply Ming 
Chef Sara Moulton joins Ming in the kitchen to make some family comfort food.
5:00 PMA Chef's Life 
Vivian seeks to make a veggie burger for the Boiler Room.
5:30 PMEating in with Lidia 
Hear the stories behind pantry-inspired recipes that Lidia's family has been eating for years.
6:00 PMSara's Weeknight Meals 
Grilling recipes. Included: chicken paillard with Greek farmer's salad and tzatziki; blistered corn-and-asparagus-pesto grilled pizza. Also: barbecue sauce.
6:30 PMTaste of Malaysia With Martin Yan 
Martin is invited to share his day with a network of old friends at their hometown.
7:00 PMSomewhere South 
Vivian gives a lecture on chow chow at Asheville's first Chow Chow Festival. Her preservation education dives into Indian and Sri Lankan pickles, Puerto Rican escabeche, and Korean kimchi.
8:00 PMPati's Mexican Table 
8:30 PMPati's Mexican Table 
Going around the markets in Sinaloa, Mexico.
9:00 PMLegacy List With Matt Paxton 
The team visits Llewellyn Park, New Jersey to help a mom and daughter sort through family treasures.
10:00 PMTo Dine For With Kate Sullivan 
Spotlighting Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS shoes, who defined what it means to be a "social entrepreneur."
10:30 PMtasteMAKERS 
The team turn fresh, organic produce into pickles, preserves and canned goods. From classic dill pickles to Earl Gray-blackberry jam, summer-fresh flavor is captured in these artisan preserves.
11:00 PMtasteMAKERS 
Heirloom varieties of sugarcane are being preserved and cultivated on Oahu by the team at Kô Hana Rum. Unlike most rum, which is made from molasses, Kô Hana's Agricole-style spirit is made with the juice, capturing the sweet essence of the sugarcane and preserving the unique flavor of these ancient varieties.
11:30 PMAmerica's Test Kitchen 
Porchetta; ricotta; wine coolers; and the secrets to parmesa farrotto.
12:00 AMAmerica's Test Kitchen 
One-hour broiled chicken and pan sauce; blenders; and modern cauliflower gratin.
12:30 AMJazzy Vegetarian 
Tofu ranchero; cornbread mini-muffins; a pineapple and banana smoothie.
1:00 AMPati's Mexican Table 

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