WKRN True Crime Network TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WKRN True Crime Network in the Nashville Area

This is the WKRN True Crime Network TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Nashville Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

3:00 AMDonal MacIntyre's Murder Files 
Donal MacIntyre meets Martin Brunning to discover how he solved the seemingly perfect 2011 murder of Vitalija Balliutaviciene by her jilted ex-husband.
4:00 AMVanished With Beth Holloway 
A woman disappears from a cruise ship and the investigation leads to a sex-slave operation.
5:00 AMDeadly Motives 
Melinda Elkins is featured.
6:00 AMCrime Stories 
1987 murder of a socialite in Atlanta.
7:00 AMCrime Stories 
The case of murders in a kidnapping-for-ransom scheme carried out by Russian immigrants in the U.S. is examined.
8:00 AMFBI: Criminal Pursuit 
The FBI investigates a vicious attack on a little girl who was abducted from her room by a stranger and left for dead.
9:01 AMCruise Ship Killers 
A couple takes a cruise to celebrate their good luck in business. But their luck turns while at the climax of their journey.
10:00 AMDominick Dunne 
Investigators found traces of arsenic in a woman's system, large enough to kill 10 men.
11:00 AMDr. G: Medical Examiner 
Dr. G investigates a death during a hunting trip taken by a separated couple.
12:00 PMSecrets of the Morgue 
A Pennsylvania electrician is poisoned.
1:00 PMMurder She Solved 
Investigating a cold case involving the murder of an elderly woman.
2:00 PMFatal Encounters 
An 18-year-old commits a crime inspired by a video game.
3:00 PMCity Confidential 
The case of David Brown, convicted of murder in 1990 for orchestrating the death of his wife, who was shot by Brown's teen daughter.

How to Watch WKRN True Crime Network

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