NPT PBS Kids TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for NPT PBS Kids in the Nashville Area

This is the NPT PBS Kids TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Nashville Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

4:00 AMReady Jet Go! 
Jet and the kids try a bunch of different wheels so robot Jet 2 can rove over the surface of Mars. The kids enter their karts in the big kid-kart derby, but this year they all have to design solar-powered karts.
4:30 AMWordGirl 
Granny May uses crazy contraptions to commit crimes; Tobey, Scoops and TJ compete to spend a day with WordGirl.
5:00 AMCyberchase 
Hacker imperils Mother's Day by derailing a train that picks up a rare flower that symbolizes the holiday. Math topic: decimals.
5:30 AMCyberchase 
Digit heads to Mermaidos, an underwater cybersite home to merfolk, to visit a friend and discovers that Hacker is plotting to make the destination his personal hot tub.
6:00 AMArthur 
Brain thinks that giant worms are attacking Elwood City; Buster pays his favor debt to Arthur by helping everyone whom Arthur owes favors to.
6:30 AMOdd Squad 
A giant robot is dealt with.
7:00 AMReady Jet Go! 
The kids and Celery help Sunspot get to Jupiter for his Red Spot Club meeting; and Uncle Zucchini learns about the three states of water (solid, liquid and gas).
7:30 AMPeg + Cat 
Cat becomes stuck in a tree; and then becomes stuck in a tree again.
8:00 AMClifford the Big Red Dog 
Clifford defies Emily Elizabeth; Clifford messes up Mr. Bleakman's new potato garden. Voice of Clifford: John Ritter.
8:30 AMPinkalicious & Peterrific 
Pinkalicious and Peter meet a mossling named Flossie who hears musical sounds in her stream.
9:00 AMSesame Street 
Pretend astronauts Rosita, Elmo and Abby travel into space.
9:30 AMSuper WHY! 
The Super Readers meet a Puerto Rican boy whose mother may have made a strange request.
10:00 AMWordWorld 
Frog helps Bug, Fly and Bee craft some cool songs; Ant and Pig get into a fight while playing Shuffleword, leaving Sheep to play mediator.
10:30 AMSplash and Bubbles 
Parts 3 and 4 of 4. Splash and friends help a parrotfish save a ghost reef. Later, Splash and pals return to Reeftown.
11:00 AMSid the Science Kid 
Sid zeroes in on charts in the first episode of this series about an inquisitive preschooler. He learns that charts enable people to compare and contrast things.
11:30 AMCaillou 
Caillou helps Dad do chores; he and Leo pretend to be robots; he and Leo pretend to be bears.
12:00 PMPeep and the Big Wide World 
Quack finds fish; Squeak thinks the sky is falling.
12:30 PMMartha Speaks 
Martha believes poet Billy Collins must be a canine due to his wonderful poems about dogs; T.D. helps Milo overcome his fear of reading aloud in front of other people.
1:00 PMSesame Street 
Pretend astronauts Rosita, Elmo and Abby travel into space.
1:30 PMDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood 
Daniel learns that mistakes happen when he accidentally knocks a basket of objects off the table during Science Time at school; and Prince Wednesday accidentally spills milk when he and Daniel help Baker Aker make cookies.
2:00 PMDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood 
Daniel learns that smushed birthday cake is still tasty in the series premiere. Later, rain ruins Daniel's picnic with Prince Wednesday and Miss Elaina until they decide to have the picnic indoors.
2:30 PMPinkalicious & Peterrific 
Pinkalicious and Peter meet a mossling named Flossie who hears musical sounds in her stream.
3:00 PMWild Kratts: A Creature Christmas 
The Kratts put their Christmas celebration on hold when creatures go missing.
4:00 PMLet's Go Luna! 
When Luna goes missing in Delhi, Andy and friends track her down using her hat and an ancient astronomy site called "Jantar Mantar"; in Dehli, when Andy and Carmen have an argument, Leo and Luna put on a traditional Kathputli puppet show that helps them.

How to Watch NPT PBS Kids

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