WWOR Heroes & Icons TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WWOR Heroes & Icons in the New York Area

This is the WWOR Heroes & Icons TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the New York Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

8:00 PMTour of Duty 
Johnson has doubts about returning home. Kamala Lopez, Don Keith Opper, Michael Christy.
9:00 PMTour of Duty 
Taylor has doubts about Johnson's civilian-life plans. Ping Wu, Alan Scarfe, Stan Foster, Dan Gautier.
10:00 PMCombat! 
A soldier under Saunders' protection is killed. Jack Lord, Jack Hogan, Vic Morrow, Peter Duryea, Rick Jason.
11:00 PMCombat! 
The squad forcibly evacuates a French couple from their farm. Dennis Weaver, Rick Jason, Felix Locher, Jack Hogan.
12:00 AMThe Rat Patrol 
A suspected double agent and an unfriendly Allied officer jeopardize Troy's efforts to safeguard a meeting of top brass. Troy: Christopher George. Sergeant: Martin Milner. Moffitt: Gary Raymond. Pettigrew: Justin Tarr.
12:30 AMThe Rat Patrol 
The Rat Patrol races to save Troy (Christopher George) from death by radiation. Moffitt: Gary Raymond. Schneidermann: William Schallert. Dietrich: Hans Gudegast.
1:00 AM12 O'clock High 
Savage's new deputy commander is unusually superstitious. Rip Torn, Robert Lansing.
2:00 AMThe Rat Patrol 
The Rat Patrol seizes a German staff car occupied by an American major (Richard Mulligan), who demands to be taken to Allied headquarters. Troy: Christopher George. Moffitt: Gary Raymond. Centis: Vincent Gardenia. Dietrich: Hans Gudegast. Hitchcock: Lawrence Casey.
2:30 AMThe Rat Patrol 
The Rat Patrol and the Germans agree to exchange prisoners. One hitch: Troy's prisoner is dead. Troy: Christopher George. Voss: Ben Wright. Captain: Barry Ford. Moffitt: Gary Raymond. Hitchcock: Lawrence Casey. Pettigrew: Justin Tarr. Dorf: Michael Vandever.
3:00 AMThe District 
A CIA agent is murdered and Mannion pressures Agency director Gage for information. Beau Bridges, Gloria Reuben.
4:00 AMThe District 
Mannion fights to stop an execution after he learns the condemned man may be innocent. Bruce Young, Frank Rivera, Paul Johansson.
5:00 AMThe District 
A defense lawyer tries to discredit Debreno in a drug case involving a diplomat's son.
6:00 AMThe Re-Inventors 
A da Vinci-designed tank made of wood is attempted.
6:30 AMScience Max: Experiments at Large 
The science of every day things is explored.
7:00 AMWalking Wild 
Bears and animals from Australia are spotlighted.
7:30 AMDragonfly TV Sports 
8:00 AMFamily Style With Chef Jeff 
Chef Jeff shares a healthy recipe for fried chicken; also, Jeff meets with the former Miss Texas.
8:30 AMNow Eat This! With Rocco DiSpirito 
Recipes for sweet-and-sour beef stir-fry, chicken parmigiana, and pizza pockets with fresh mozzarella.

How to Watch WWOR Heroes & Icons

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