WBRE Rewind TV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WBRE Rewind TV in the New York Area

This is the WBRE Rewind TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the New York Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

10:00 PMMurphy Brown    new  
10:30 PMMurphy Brown    new  
11:00 PMBecker 
Jake dates a blind woman, but dumps her after he learns she can't see. Heidi Mokrycki, Alex Desert, Ted Danson.
11:30 PMBecker 
John argues with a priest over a patient's care and whether God or the doctor gets credit for his healing. John Mahoney, Kenneth Ryan.
12:00 AMCaroline in the City 
Caroline thinks that Julia's been unfaithful. Part 1 of two. Sofia Milos, Jose Solano, Malcolm Gets.
12:30 AMCaroline in the City 
Richard makes a big announcement. Conclusion. Sofia Milos, Jose Solano, Malcolm Gets.
1:00 AMSabrina, the Teenage Witch 
A stressed Sabrina seeks shelter in another world inside her mirror. Baltimore Oriole Brady Anderson appears as himself. Melissa Joan Hart.
1:30 AMSabrina, the Teenage Witch 
Sabrina meets music group Violent Femmes, chaperoned by her aunts (who pose as teens). Bubba Smith, Alexandra Johnes, Judith Jones.
2:00 AMHead of the Class 
Part 1 of two. Charlie will direct the school musical only if it's "Little Shop of Horrors." Kirsten Holmquist, Marty Nedboy, Howard Hesseman.
2:30 AMHead of the Class 
Conclusion. Chaos before opening night. Terri Hoyes, Leslie Bega, Rain Pryor.
3:00 AMWings 
Joe Hackett (Timothy Daly) is reunited with his brother (Steven Weber) when their late father bequeaths them a strange box. Helen: Crystal Bernard. Faye: Rebecca Schull. Roy: David Schramm.
3:30 AMWings 
4:00 AMDesigning Women 
Sugarbaker's is asked to decorate a bordello for an old friend of Charlene's (Bobby Ferguson).
4:30 AMDesigning Women 
Charlene's beau deals in stolen furniture. Jean Smart, Dixie Carter, Delta Burke.
5:00 AMDiff'rent Strokes 
The school bully asks Arnold to entertain his girlfriend while he's away. Forest Whitaker, Beverly Brown, Gary Coleman.
5:30 AMDiff'rent Strokes 
Sam worries Phillip and Maggie may divorce. Mary Ann Mobley, Conrad Bain, Danny Cooksey.
6:00 AMThe Facts of Life 
Part 3. Jo and Blair elude their pursuers. Mario Van Peebles, Nancy McKeon, Lisa Whelchel, Mindy Cohn.
6:30 AMThe Facts of Life 
Conclusion. Jo and Blair get to the school and find the knapsack missing. Mario Van Peebles, Cloris Leachman, Nancy McKeon.
7:00 AMGrowing Pains 
Mike's hurt after falling off a dirt bike. Joshua Koenig, Kirk Cameron, Brian Robbins, Alan Thicke, Joanna Kerns.
7:30 AMGrowing Pains 
Mike purposely botches an IQ test. Kirk Cameron, Earl Boen, Hart Sprager.
8:00 AMWho's the Boss? 
Tony and Angela try to keep their romance secret. John Fleck, John Mariano, Lackey Bevis, Victor Wilson.
8:30 AMWho's the Boss? 
Tony monopolizes Sam's stockbroker boyfriend. Dan Gauthier, Rob Narita, Alyssa Milano, Katherine Helmond.
9:00 AM227 
Mary refuses to let Brenda date before her 16th birthday. Claude Brooks, Curtis Baldwin, Hal Williams, Marla Gibbs.
9:30 AM227 
Sandra's quiet roommate steals her boyfriend. Kim Fields, William Allen Young, Jimmy Woodard, Terry Carter.
10:00 AMThe Hogan Family 
The twins take part in a vigil for apartheid. Zakes Mokae, Erik Moses, Theo Forsett, Michael Taylor, Jeremy Licht.

How to Watch WBRE Rewind TV

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