WTIC True Crime Network TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WTIC True Crime Network in the New York Area

This is the WTIC True Crime Network TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the New York Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

9:00 PMThe Last 24 
In an affluent Atlanta suburb, a young boy is stabbed 18 times when he returns home from school, and his mother's lifeless body is discovered in her bedroom. As police search for the killer, a neighbor's chilling story points them towards a psychopath.
10:00 PMThe Last 24 
A double homicide in NYC soon becomes a media circus when investigators reveal the two victims led a secret life. As the list of suspects grows, it's a call from the victim's home that may provide the only link to the killer.
11:00 PMLocked Up Abroad 
Season 5 opens with the story of Gordon Malloch, a Scottish chef who moved to Saudi Arabia and started bootlegging homemade wine and smuggling whiskey into the country, where alcohol is banned.
12:00 AMLocked Up Abroad 
Mobster-turned-informant Henry Hill, who was portrayed by actor Ray Liotta in Martin Scorsese's "GoodFellas," shares his story.
1:00 AMLocked Up Abroad 
A British man falls in love with a Filipino woman he met on the Internet. They embark on a romantic getaway to her homeland, where they're confronted by her estranged husband, who uses the Philippines' adultery laws to have them both thrown in jail.
2:00 AMTrace of Evil 
The abduction of Stephanie Slater is examined. Included: the hunt to find her kidnapper; and how, using the science of forensics, police unmasked a cold-blooded killer.
3:00 AMTrace of Evil 
The story of Shamaia Smith is presented, showing how she met her death and how relentless detective work and modern forensics solved the mystery of what happened to her.
4:00 AMNew Detectives 
Handwriting analysis and how it can help determine whether a death was a murder or a suicide.
5:00 AMNew Detectives 
A plane crash is investigated by the Canadian Transportation Safety Board.
6:00 AMThe New Detectives 
7:00 AMNew Detectives 
Ballistics experts examine powder burns and a bullet's pathway to determine whether a death was caused by homicide or suicide.
8:00 AMNew Detectives 
Serial killers are observed, including Ted Bundy. Also: techniques used to apprehend them.
9:00 AMNew Detectives 
An examination of forensic science includes examples of cases involving fragmentary evidence.

How to Watch WTIC True Crime Network

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