WTCT Court TV Mystery TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WTCT Court TV Mystery in the Pdcah

This is the WTCT Court TV Mystery TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Pdcah. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

11:00 AMLaw & Order 
A case is brought against a mobster. Part 1 of two. Charles Cioffi, Michael Moriarty, Richard Brooks, George Dzundza.
12:00 PMLaw & Order 
Conclusion. Stone wants Beigel to turn against his mobster brother-in-law (Charles Cioffi). Michael Moriarty, George Dzundza, Chris Noth.
1:00 PMLaw & Order 
An infant's murder is traced to a hired killer (Justin Cozier). S. Epatha Merkerson, George Dzundza, Chris Noth, Michael Moriarty.
2:00 PMLaw & Order 
A young man is accused of killing a drug dealer. Enrique Munoz, Michael Moriarty, Chris Noth.
3:00 PMCSI: Crime Scene Investigation 
Warrick tries to prove a club owner committed murder and becomes a suspect in another death. Oscar-winner William Friedkin ("The French Connection") directs.
4:00 PMCSI: Crime Scene Investigation 
A socialite involved in illegal dog fighting is murdered; Warrick tries to clear his name of murder charges in the death of an exotic dancer.
5:00 PMCSI: Crime Scene Investigation 
Three murders occur during an annual bull-riding rodeo in Las Vegas. The investigation reveals the crimes may be connected to an illegal bull-breeding ring. Singers Jewel and Shooter Jennings appear as themselves.
6:00 PMCSI: Crime Scene Investigation 
A local gang murders key witnesses in a grand jury case and Grissom's team investigates, while also fighting the flu.
7:00 PMCSI: Crime Scene Investigation 
The body of an unidentified 3-year-old girl is discovered inside a packing box in a parking lot, covered with bruises and burns. The investigation leads the CSIs to a registered sex offender who had received a delivery in the box.
8:00 PMCSI: Crime Scene Investigation 
Two murders are linked to a jailed convict (Method Man), so the CSIs break him out of prison to help solve the crimes.
9:00 PMCSI: Crime Scene Investigation 
A series of deaths in which the victims have green blood are investigated to see if they are connected; a man bursts into flames when he's shot with a stun gun; an elderly couple die under suspicious circumstances in their bed.
10:00 PMCSI: Crime Scene Investigation 
The difficult star (Katey Sagal) of a TV sitcom is murdered while filming an episode in Las Vegas. The investigation reveals plenty of suspects, including her husband, the actress who is her stand-in and the show's entire staff of writers.
11:00 PMAmerican Greed 
The case of an impostor doctor; the story of a bank robber who was responsible for 43 heists in the Midwest.

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