KBSI Defy TV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for KBSI Defy TV in the Pdcah

This is the KBSI Defy TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Pdcah. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

12:00 AMThe Curse of Oak Island 
The guys have hopes for the second massive dig in the Money Pit and that it uncovers proof of a shipwreck located in the swamp.
1:00 AMThe Curse of Oak Island 
Evidence links an 18th-century slave to the mystery.
2:00 AMBrad Meltzer's Decoded 
Prophecies regarding 2012 drawn from Mayan text regarding the end of the world are explored.
3:00 AMBrad Meltzer's Decoded 
A history of organized crime includes the introduction of cyber crime and identity theft.
4:00 AMIn Search of History 
5:00 AMDuck Dynasty 
Korie and Missy go hunting with Willie and Jase; Miss Kay and Si search for blueprints from Phil's first duck call.
5:30 AMDuck Dynasty 
Si buys a massage chair for the duck-call room; Phil takes Jase to a secret fishing pond.
6:00 AMDuck Dynasty 
Willie goes shopping with Sadie; the guys visit a coffee shop.
6:30 AMDuck Dynasty 
Jase loses his wedding ring.
7:00 AMDuck Dynasty 
The guys unveil a special wing of a sporting-goods store; Miss Kay tags along with her grandkids.
7:30 AMDuck Dynasty 
The guys attend an HR class; Phil and Kay get lost while driving.
8:00 AMDuck Dynasty 
Jase challenges Willie to a fitness test; Phil and Kay deal with a mouse infestation.
8:30 AMDuck Dynasty 
The Robertsons visit Hawaii.
9:30 AMDuck Dynasty 
A surprise wedding ceremony is planned for Phil and Kay in the Season 4 premiere.
10:30 AMDuck Dynasty 
Martin has to miss poker on a Friday night because of a date, so the guys team up to give him tips on romance; Phil tries to teach his granddaughters how to fish when he babysits for Jep and Jessica.
11:00 AMDuck Dynasty 
Godwin wants a hot tub; Phil and Kay teach Sadie and John Luke how to make mayhaw jelly.
11:30 AMDuck Dynasty 
Jase temporarily moves in with Willie and Korie, leading to conflict between the brothers.
12:00 PMForged in Fire 
Four bladesmiths are tasked with making a canister damascus blade from threaded bolts. After a couple of intense rounds and some brutal testing, two smiths return to their home forges to recreate the deadly German Dussage Sword. Two blades will be pushed to their limits, but only one will emerge with the $10,000 prize and the title of Forged in Fire champion.

How to Watch KBSI Defy TV

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